Smashing the Liquor Machine

Smashing the Liquor Machine

A Global History of Prohibition

Schrad, Mark Lawrence

Oxford University Press Inc






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Chapter 1: Introduction-Everything You Know About Prohibition Is Wrong

Part I: The Continental Empires
Chapter 2: Two Tolstoys and a Lenin-Temperance and Prohibition in Russia
Chapter 3: The Temperance Internationale-Social Democrats Against the Liquor Machine in Sweden and Belgium
Chapter 4: Temperance, Liberalism, and Nationalism in the German and Austro-Hungarian Empires

Part II: The British Empire
Chapter 5: Temperance and Self-Determination in the British Isles
Chapter 6: Black Man's Burden, White Man's Liquor in Southern Africa
Chapter 7: Gandhi, Indian Nationalism, and Temperance Resistance Against the Raj
Chapter 8: The Dry Man of Europe-Ottoman Prohibition Against British Domination

Part III: The United States
Chapter 9: First Peoples, First Prohibitionists
Chapter 10: Liquor and the Ethnic Cleansing of North America
Chapter 11: "All Great Reforms Go Together"-Temperance and Abolitionism
Chapter 12: The Empire Club Strikes Back
Chapter 13: A Tale of Two Franceses-Temperance and Suffragism in the United States
Chapter 14: The Progressive Soul of American Prohibition
Chapter 15: Prohibition Against American Imperialism
Chapter 16: A People's History of American Prohibition
Chapter 17: Conclusion-Where Did We Go Wrong?
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