Singing the Congregation

Singing the Congregation

How Contemporary Worship Music Forms Evangelical Community

Ingalls, Monique M.

Oxford University Press Inc







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Acknowledgements List of Illustrations and Credits Introduction Contemporary Worship Music and Modes of Congregating within North American Evangelical Christianity Chapter 1 Making Jesus Famous: The Quest for an Authentic Worship Experience in the Concert Congregation Chapter 2 Singing Heaven Down to Earth: The Conference Congregation as Pilgrim Gathering and Eschatological Community Chapter 3 Finding the Church's Voice: Contemporary Worship as Musical Positioning in a Nashville Church Congregation Chapter 4 Bringing Worship to the Streets: The Praise March as Public Congregation Chapter 5 Worship on Screen: Building Networked Congregations Online and Offline through Audiovisual Worship Media Conclusion Worship Music on the Global Stage: The Mainstream Model and Its Alternatives Bibliography
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