Singapore International Arbitration Act

Singapore International Arbitration Act

A Commentary

Goh, Nelson; Tan, Paul; Lim, Jonathan

Oxford University Press






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1: Arbitration in Singapore
2: Regulation of Procedural Aspects of Arbitration
3: Interface with Other Dispute Resolution Forums
4: Interpretation of Part II of the Act
5: Arbitration Agreements
6: The Effect, Interpretation, and Applicability of the Model Law
7: Stay of Court Proceedings in Favour of Arbitration
8: Number and Appointment of Arbitrators
9: Appeals from Jurisdictional Rulings and Order 69A
10: Arbitrability
11: Powers of the Arbitral Tribunal
12: Court Powers in Aid of Arbitration
13: Disapplication of the Model Law and the IAA, the Application of Rule of Arbitration, and Conciliation
14: Awards and Interest on Awards
15: Taxation of Costs and Proceedings Otherwise Than in Open Court
16: Setting Aside an Award
17: Immunities of Arbitrators, Appointing Authorities and Arbitral Institutions
18: Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Awards
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