Silent Witness

Silent Witness

Forensic DNA Evidence in Criminal Investigations and Humanitarian Disasters

Turow, Scott; Erlich, Henry; Stover, Eric; White, Thomas J.

Oxford University Press Inc






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TABLE OF CONTENTS Foreword by Scott Turow Acknowledgments List of Contributors Introduction: Genetics for Justice PART I: DNA Technology and Individual Identification 1. In the Beginning: Forensic Applications of DNA Technologies Henry Erlich 2. Exonerating the Wrongfully Convicted Justin Brooks and Desiree Moshayedi 3. Analysis of Forensic Mixtures Michael Coble, Bruce Budowle, and Henry Erlich 4. Forensic DNA Data Banks and Data Mining: The Balance Between Privacy Interests and Public Safety Frederick R. Bieber 5. Recent Developments in Forensic DNA Technology Henry Erlich, Cassandra Calloway, and Steven Lee 6. Microbial Forensics: Concepts and Application from Epidemiology to Crime Investigations Antti Sajantila and Bruce Budowle PART II: Human Rights and Humanitarian Disasters 7. The Living Disappeared: Forensic DNA Typing and the Search for Argentina's Stolen Children Mariana Herrera Pinero, Eric Stover, Melina Tupa, and Victor B. Penchaszadeh 8. Disappeared, Not Lost: Finding El Salvador's Missing Children Andrea Lampros, Montserrat Martinez Gomez, Cristian Orrego Benavente, and Patricia Vasquez Marias 9. Large Scale Identification of the Missing: Experiences and Perspectives of the International Commission on Missing Persons Andreas Kleiser and Thomas J. Parsons 10. Tracing Windblown Seeds: Genetic Information as a Biometric for Tracking Migrants in the United States Sara H. Katsanis 11. Preventing a Third Death: Identification of Missing Migrants at the US-Mexico Border Sara H. Katsanis and Katherine M. Spradley 12. Taking Stock: DNA Testing and Its Complex Truths Dawnie Steadman and Sarah Wagner PART III: Challenges and Debates 13. Admissibility of DNA Evidence in Court Andrea Roth 14. Immediacy and Authority: Identification Efforts in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the World Trade Center Compared Amy Mundorff and Sarah Wagner 15. Forensic Genetics, Ethics, Privacy, and Public Policy Thomas J. White and Steven B. Lee Conclusion: The Future of Forensic DNA Analysis Index
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