Semi-State Actors in Cybersecurity

Semi-State Actors in Cybersecurity

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List of Tables and Figures Introduction and Research Strategy 1. Introduction 2. Using a Historical Analogy as a Research Strategy Histories of the Sea and Cyberspace, Comparison, and Locating the Analogy in Time 3. A History of the Loosely Governed Sea Between the 16th -19th Century: From the Age of Privateering to its Abolition 4. A Brief History of Cyberspace: Origins and Development of (In-)Security in Cyberspace 5. The Sea and Cyberspace: Comparison and Analytical Lines of Inquiry Applying the Analogy to Cybersecurity 6. Cyber Pirates and Privateers: State Proxies, Criminals, and Independent Patriotic Hackers 7. Cyber Mercantile Companies: Conflict and Cooperation Conclusion Acknowledgements A note on sources References Index
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