Screening the Police

Screening the Police

Film and Law Enforcement in the United States

Tsika, Noah

Oxford University Press Inc






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Introduction: "The Glorification of Policemen"

Chapter 1: Cinema's Municipalities: Industrial Expansion and the Locations of Policing

Chapter 2: Cinematic Badges: Conventions, Complications, and "Films for Cops"

Chapter 3: Veto Power: Film Censorship as Discretionary Policing

Chapter 4: Ballistics, Bertillonage, and Ballyhoo: Selling the Science of Crime Detection

Chapter 5: Filmgoers' Fingerprints: Supporting Carceral Expansion Through "Lobby Gags"

Chapter 6: From Kiddie Cops to the Coal Police: Private Proxies and the Production of Criminological Common Sense

Chapter 7: Coda: 2020 Vision
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