Schlossberg's Clinical Infectious Disease

Schlossberg's Clinical Infectious Disease

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Preface Contributors Section 1 - Clinical syndromes: General 1 Fever of unknown origin Cheston B. Cunha and Burke A. Cunha 2 Sepsis Leeja Joseph and Rodger D. MacArthur 3 Chronic fatigue syndrome Stephen J. Gluckman Section 2 - Clinical syndromes: Head and neck 4 Pharyngotonsillitis Itzhak Brook 5 Infectious thyroiditis Jeanne Carey and Stephen G. Baum 6 Otitis Stephen I. Pelton 7 Sinusitis Rachel Kominsky and Todd Otteson 8 Dental infections Jessica Moskovitz, Bridget Hathaway, Jennifer Rubin Grandis, and Jonas T. Johnson 9 Salivary and lacrimal gland infections Alexandre Malek, Johny Fares, and Issam Raad 10 Deep neck infections Jeremy D. Gradon Section 3 - Clinical syndromes: Eye 11 Conjunctivitis Elmer Y. Tu 12 Keratitis Elmer Y. Tu, Francis S. Mah, and Jules Baum 13 Iritis Alice Lorch and Ann-Marie Lobo 14 Retinitis Hillary C. Stiefel and Daniel M. Albert 15 Endophthalmitis Roy D. Brod, Harry W. Flynn, Jr., and Lili G. Kaplan 16 Periocular/Retro-orbital infections Miriam Barshak and Marlene L. Durand Section 4 - Clinical syndromes: Skin and lymph nodes 17 Fever and rash John W. Sensacovic and Leon G. Smith 18 Toxic shock syndrome and Kawasaki disease Evangelia M. Assimacopoulos, Aristides P. Assimacopoulos, Wilmara Salgado-Pabon, and Patrick M. Schlievert 19 Viral exanthems Romina Bromberg, Michael Thompson, Lisa M. Chirch, and Jane M. Grant-Kels 20 Skin ulcers Joanne T. Maffei 21 Cellulitis and erysipelas Katherine S. Glaser and Kenneth J. Tomecki 22 Deep soft-tissue infection: Necrotizing fasciitis and gas gangrene Stephen Ash and Louis E. Kennedy 23 Human and animal bites Ellie J. C. Goldstein and F. Abrahamian 24 Lice, scabies, and myiasis Charlotte Bernigaud, Gentiane Monsel, and Olivier Chosidow 25 Tungiasis and bed bugs Tania F. Cestari and Simone Pessato 26 Superficial fungal infection of skin and nails Evelyn K. Koestenblatt and Jeffrey M. Weinberg 27 Eumycetoma Ncoza C. Dlova, Anisa Mosam, and Antoinette Chateau 28 Lymphadenopathy/Lymphadenitis Gerald Friedland and Sheela Shenoi Section 5 - Clinical syndromes: Respiratory tract 29 Bronchitis Phillippa Poole and Mark Hobbs 30 Croup, supraglottitis, and laryngitis Irmgrad Behlau 31 Atypical pneumonia Thomas M. File, Jr. 32 Community-acquired pneumonia Keyur S. Vyas 33 Nosocomial pneumonia Cheston B. Cunha and Burke A. Cunha 34 Aspiration pneumonia Jean Gibb and Matthew Bidwell Goetz 35 Lung abscess Amee Patrawalla and Lisa L. Dever 36 Empyema and bronchopleural fistula Charlotte E. Bolton and Dennis J. Shale Section 6 - Clinical syndromes: Heart and blood vessels 37 Endocarditis John L. Brusch 38 Acute pericarditis Richard A. Martinello and Michael Cappello 39 Myocarditis Lori Blauwet and Andrew Rosenbaum 40 Mediastinitis Ravi Karra and Keith S. Kaye 41 Vascular infection Susan E. Beekmann and David K. Henderson 42 Infections of cardiovascular implantable devices M. Rizwan Sohail, Daniel C. DeSimone, and James M. Steckelberg Section 7 - Clinical syndromes: Gastrointestinal tract, liver, and abdomen 43 Acute viral hepatitis Kalyan Ram Bhamidimarri and Paul Martin 44 Chronic viral hepatitis Michelle E. Freshman and Lawrence S. Friedman 45 Biliary infection: Cholecystitis, cholangitis Raghav Chandra and Robert V. Rege 46 Pyogenic liver abscess Patricia Wong and H. Franklin Herlong 47 Infectious complications in acute pancreatitis Jodie A. Barkin and Jamie S. Barkin 48 Esophageal infections Uni Wong and Jean-Pierre Raufman 49 Gastroenteritis Douglas R. Morgan, Vivian Chidi, and Robert L. Owen 50 Food poisoning Carly R. Davis and Andrew T. Pavia 51 Clostridioides (Clostridium) difficile Cheston B. Cunha and Burke A. Cunha 52 Sexually transmitted enteric infections Thomas C. Quinn 53 Acute appendicitis Bian Wu and John Maa 54 Diverticulitis Matthew D. Zelhart and Ronald L. Nichols 55 Abdominal abscess K. Shad Pharaon and Donald D. Trunkey 56 Splenic abscess Walter Dehority and Thomas R. Howdieshell 57 Peritonitis Linda A. Slavoski and Matthew E. Levison 58 Whipple's disease and sprue Amirkaveh Mojtahed and Payam Afshar Section 8 - Clinical syndromes: Genitourinary tract 59 Urethritis and dysuria George Pappas, Ioannis A. Bliziotis, and Matthew E. Falagas 60 Vaginitis and cervicitis Sebastian Faro 61 Epididymo-orchitis Rebecca Fallis and Daniel Mueller 62 Genital ulcer adenopathy syndrome Allan Ronald 63 Prostatitis Cheston B. Cunha and Burke A. Cunha 64 Pelvic inflammatory disease William J. Ledger 65 Urinary tract infection Peter Liu, Keith W. Hamilton, and Judith A. O'Donnell 66 Candiduria Jack D. Sobel 67 Focal renal infections and papillary necrosis Ann F. Fisher and Louise M. Dembry Section 9 - Clinical syndromes: Musculoskeletal system 68 Infection of native and prosthetic joints Shahbaz Hasan and James W. Smith 69 Bursitis Richard H. Parker 70 Acute and chronic osteomyelitis Ilona Kronig, Pierre Vaudaux, Domizio Suva, Daniel Lew, and Ilker Uckay 71 Polyarthritis Kathryn H. Dao and John J. Cush 72 Infectious polymyositis Shanthi Kappagoda and Upinder Singh 73 Iliopsoas abscess Larson Erb and Pamela A. Lipsett Section 10 - Clinical syndromes: Neurologic system 74 Bacterial meningitis Jennie E. Johnson and Allan R. Tunkel 75 Aseptic meningitis Burt R. Meyers and Dalilah Restrepo 76 Viral encephalitis John J. Halperin and David N. Irani 77 Intracranial suppuration Brian Wispelwey and Christopher J. Arnold 78 Spinal epidural abscess Mark J. DiNubile 79 Myelitis and peripheral neuropathy Rohini Samudralwar and Rodrigo Hasbun 80 Reye syndrome Debra L. Weiner and Amy Kritzer 81 Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy Christopher M. Perrone and Joseph R. Berger 82 Cerebrospinal fluid shunt infection Elisabeth E. Adderson and Patricia M. Flynn Section 11 - The susceptible host 83 Evaluation of suspected immunodeficiency Thomas A. Fleisher and Sergio D. Rosenzweig 84 Infection in the neutropenic patient Eric Holaday, Aaron Mishkin, and Rafik Samuel 85 Infections in patients with neoplastic disease Amar Safdar and Donald Armstrong 86 Corticosteroids, cytotoxic agents Babafemi Taiwo and Hannah Nam 87 Biologics Rebecca A. Ward, Pritha Sen, and Jatin M. Vyas 88 Infection in transplant patients Raymund R. Razonable 89 Diabetes and infection Sylvia J. Shaw and Raza Iqbal 90 Infectious complications in the injection and non-injection drug user Carlo Contoreggi 91 Infection in the alcoholic Laurel C. Preheim and Manasa Velagapudi 92 Infection in the elderly Kent Crossley 93 Neonatal infection Patrick G. Gallagher and Robert S. Baltimore 94 Pregnancy and the puerperium: Infectious risks Raul E. Isturiz and Jorge Murillo 95 Dialysis-related infection Peter Mariuz 96 Asplenia Larry I. Lutwick Section 12 - HIV 97 HIV infection: Initial evaluation and monitoring Aaron E. Glatt, Andrea Sciberras, and Steven M. Weiss 98 HIV: Antiretroviral therapy Amy L. Brotherton and Joseph M. Garland 99 Immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome Suzaan Marais and Graeme Meintjes 100 Opportunistic infections in HIV Marshall Glesby and Anthony Ogedegbe 101 Prophylaxis of opportunistic infections in HIV disease Brandi Manning, Robert L. Bettiker, and Jeffrey M. Jacobson Section 13 - Nosocomial infection 102 Percutaneous injury: Risks and management David Kuhar and Krista Powell 103 Hospital-acquired fever Arthur E. Brown and Susan K. Seo 104 Transfusion-related infection William R. Jarvis and Virginia R. Roth 105 Intravascular catheter-related infection Johny Fares, Alexandre Malek, and Issam Raad 106 Infections associated with urinary catheters Lindsay E. Nicolle Section 14 - Infections related to surgery and trauma 107 Postoperative wound infection E. Patchen Dellinger 108 Trauma-related infection Mark A. Malangoni 109 Infected implants Gordon Dickinson 110 Infection in the burn-injured patient Roger W. Yurt and Rafael Gerardo Magana Section 15 - Prevention of infection 111 Nonsurgical antimicrobial prophylaxis Nadine Rouphael and Alexandra Wolcott Dretler 112 Surgical prophylaxis Sonya Trinh and George Pankey 113 Immunizations Elaine C. Jong Section 16 - Travel and recreation 114 Advice for travelers Henry M. Wu and Jessica K. Fairley 115 Fever in the returning traveler Alimuddin Zumla 116 Systemic infection from animals David J. Weber, Jonathan J. Juliano, and William A. Rutala 117 Tick-borne disease Steven C. Buckingham 118 Recreational water exposure Mary E. Wilson and Andrea K. Boggild 119 Travelers' diarrhea Karen J. Vigil and Herbert L. DuPont Section 17 - Bioterrorism 120 Bioterrorism Megan Gallagher and Andrew W. Artenstein Section 18 - Specific organisms: Bacteria 121 Actinomycosis Thomas A. Russo and Grishma R. Trivedi 122 Anaerobic infections Itzhak Brook 123 Anthrax Tirdad T. Zangeneh, Marc Traeger, and Stephen A. Klotz 124 Bartonella bacilliformis Nuria Sanchez Clemente 125 Cat scratch disease and other Bartonella infections William A. Schwartzman 126 Bordetella Emily Souder and Sarah S. Long 127 Branhamella-Moraxella Lisa S. Hodges and Joseph A. Bocchini, Jr. 128 Brucellosis Carlo Carrillo and Eduardo Gotuzzo 129 Campylobacter David W. K. Acheson 130 Clostridium Derek Forster 131 Corynebacteria Carlos H. Ramirez-Ronda and Carlos R. Ramirez-Ramirez 132 Enterobacteriaceae Charles Stratton 133 Enterococcus Ronald N. Jones and Rodrigo Mendes 134 Erysipelothrix W. Lee Hand 135 HACEK Vivian H. Chu 136 Helicobacter pylori David Y. Graham and Emiko Rimbara 137 Neisseria gonorrhoea Amy J. Mathers and Michael F. Rein 138 Haemophilus Amy Spallone and Daniel Musher 139 Legionellosis Thomas J. Marrie, Shelly McNeil, and Mark Robbins 140 Leprosy Bahir H. Chamseddin and Travis Vandergriff 141 Meningococcus and miscellaneous neisseriae Chuen-Yen Lau and Edmund C. Tramont 142 Listeria Bennett Lorber 143 Nocardia Lisa Haglund 144 Pasteurella multocida Andrew S. Webster, Paulina A. Rebolledo, Naasha J. Talati, and David S. Stephens 145 Pneumococcus Maurice A. Mufson and Nancy B. Norton 146 Pseudomonas, stenotrophomonas, and burkholderia Titus Daniels 147 Rat-bite fevers Neil S. Lipman 148 Salmonella Bruce S. Ribner 149 Staphylococcus Suzanne F. Bradley 150 Streptococcus groups A, B, C, D, and G Dennis L. Stevens, J. Anthony Mebane, and Karl Madaras-Kelly 151 Viridans streptococci John L. Brusch 152 Poststreptococcal immunologic complications Barbara W. Stechenberg 153 Shigella Eduardo Rodriguez-Noriega 154 Tularemia Kari Neeman and Jessica Snowden 155 Tuberculosis Jay B. Mehta and Asim K. Dutt 156 Nontuberculous mycobacteria Timothy Aksamit and David E. Griffith 157 Vibrio Duc J. Vugia 158 Yersinia Royce H. Johnson and Arash Heidari 159 Miscellaneous gram-positive organisms Iqra Choudary, Steven K. Schmitt, and Roberto Baun Corales 160 Miscellaneous gram-negative organisms Sampath Kumar and Kamaljit Singh Section 19 - Specific organisms: Spirochetes 161 Syphilis and other treponematoses Arlene C. Sena and Adaora A. Adimora 162 Lyme disease Janine Evans 163 Borreliosis Sally Cutler 164 Leptospirosis Daniela Dimarco Section 20 - Specific organisms: Mycoplasma and Chlamydia 165 Mycoplasma Ken B. Waites and Sixto Leal 166 Chlamydia pneumonia Margaret R. Hammerschlag 167 Chlamydia psittaci (psittacosis) Thomas Marrie Section 21 - Specific organisms: Rickettsia, Ehrlichia, and Anaplasma 168 Rickettsial infections Noah Wald-Dickler and Paul D. Holtom 169 Ehrlichiosis and anaplasmosis Johan S. Bakken and J. Stephen Dumler Section 22 - Specific organisms: Fungi 170 Candidiasis Christopher F. Carpenter and Nicholas Gilpin 171 Aspergillus Stuart M. Levitz and Sanjay Ram 172 Mucormycosis (and entomophthoramycosis) Scott F. Davies 173 Sporotrichum Robert A. Greenfield 174 Cryptococcus William G. Powderly 175 Histoplasmosis Cole Beeler and Mitchell Goldman 176 Blastomycosis Todd P. McCarty and Peter G. Pappas 177 Coccidioidomycosis Trung T. Vu, Jose Cadena, and Gregory M. Anstead 178 Pneumocystis jiroveci (carinii) Shelley A. Gilroy and Nicholas Bennett 179 Miscellaneous (emerging) fungi and algae Obinna N. Nnedu and George A. Pankey Section 23 - Specific organisms: Viruses 180 Cytomegalovirus Rima I. El-Herte and Jeffrey L. Meier 181 Dengue Nguyen Thanh Hung 182 Enteroviruses Penelope Dennehy 183 Epstein-Barr virus and other causes of the infectious mononucleosis syndrome Jeffrey L. Meier 184 Hantavirus cardiopulmonary syndrome Gregory Mertz 185 Herpes simplex 1 and 2 Richard J. Whitley and Abdulsalam Alsulami 186 Human herpes virus 6, 7, 8 Eleni Magira 187 Influenza Harvey M. Friedman and Ramin Herati 188 Coronavirus-19 Smitha Gudipati, Gina Maki, Marcus Zervos, and Mayur Ramesh 189 Papillomavirus in oro-genital infection Lawrence J. Eron 190 Acute and chronic parvovirus infection Neal S. Young 191 Rabies Anita Mahadevan, Susarla K. Shankar, and Avindra Nath 192 Varicella-zoster virus Jeffrey M. Weinberg 193 Viral hemorrhagic fevers Daniel G. Bausch Section 24 - Specific organisms: Parasites 194 Intestinal roundworms Kathryn N. Suh, Anne E. McCarthy, and Jay S. Keystone 195 Tissue nematodes Ian Michelow and Dan Blatt 196 Schistosomes and other trematodes James H. Maguire 197 Tapeworms (cestodes) Zbigniew S. Pawlowski 198 Toxoplasma Roderick Go and Benjamin J. Luft 199 Malaria Jessica K. Fairley and Henry M. Wu 200 Babesiosis Tempe K. Chen, Choukri Ben Mamoun, and Peter J. Krause 201 Trypanosomes and leishmania Richard Pearson, Selma Jeronimo, and Anastacio de Sousa 202 Intestinal protozoa M. Paul Kelly 203 Extraintestinal amoebic infection Rosa Andrade Section 25 - Antimicrobial therapy: General considerations 204 Principles of antibiotic therapy John S. Czachor 205 Antibacterial agents Richard Watkins 206 Principles and practice of antimicrobial stewardship Cheston B. Cunha 207 Antifungal therapy Dimitrios Farmakiotis and Ralph Rogers 208 Antiviral therapy Rajeev Shah and Cheston B. Cunha 209 Probiotics Varsha Gupta and Ritu Garg 210 Hypersensitivity to antibiotics Santiago Alvarez-Arango and N. Franklin Adkinson, Jr. 211 Antimicrobial agent tables Diane Parente and Cheston B. Cunha Index
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