Sandbows and Black Lights

Sandbows and Black Lights

Reflections on Optics

Wilk, Stephen R.

Oxford University Press Inc






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Part I: History
Chapter 1: Who Invented the Black Light?
Chapter 2: Revolutionary Optics-Jean-Paul Marat
Chapter 3: Globulism
Chapter 4: Acoustic Mirrors
Chapter 5: Friedrich Richard Ulbricht's Kugelphotometer
Chapter 6: The Monocle
Chapter 7: Fringe Science
Chapter 8: Light-as a Feather
Chapter 9: Lacemaker's Lamps
Chapter 10: Thoreau's Rainbow
Chapter 11: The Well-Tempered Spectrometer
Chapter 12: Sacred Sun
Chapter 13: Fiat Lux!
Chapter 14: Not Worth the Candle
Chapter 15: Why Are Candle Flames Yellow?

Part II: Weird Science
Chapter 16: Brown
Chapter 17: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Light
Chapter 18: Deck Prisms and Vault Lights
Chapter 19: Forty-Four Fewer Shades of Gray
Chapter 20: Barrel and Pincushion
Chapter 21: Preppy Physics
Chapter 22: The Sandbow
Chapter 23: Mistbow versus Glory
Chapter 24: Edible Optics
Chapter 25: Thoughtographs and the Stanhope Lens
Chapter 26: The Best Disinfectant
Chapter 27: Walter Darcy Ryan and His Electric Scintillator
Chapter 28: The Trilobite's Eye
Chapter 29: Infinitely Distant

Part III: Pop Culture
Chapter 30: I Was a Teenage Optical Engineer
Chapter 31: Killing Vampires Efficiently with Ultraviolet Light
Chapter 32: The Endless Corridor
Chapter 33: The Great 19th-Century Green Spectacle Craze
Chapter 34: Tanagra Theater and the Fishbowl Mermaid
Chapter 35: The Secrets of X-Ray Spex
Chapter 36: Fluorescent Paint before Day-Glo
Chapter 37: The First 3D Movies
Chapter 38: Perspective Machines, Zograscopes, Megalethoscopes, and Boites d'Optiques
Chapter 39: The Claude Lorrain Mirror
Chapter 40: How the Ray Gun Got Its Zap! Part II: Handheld Ray Guns

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