Rethinking Mendelssohn

Rethinking Mendelssohn

Taylor, Benedict

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Biographies of Contributors Preface Abbreviations Introduction: Rethinking Mendelssohn Benedict Taylor I Interpreting the Orchestral Music 1 Deformed Beauty? Narrative and Musical Form in Mendelssohn's Overture to the Tale of the Fair Melusina, Op. 32 Thomas Grey 2 Brass Topoi, Telescoped Recapitulations, and the Bildungsreise: A New Approach to the First Movement of Mendelssohn's 'Italian' Symphony Peter Mercer-Taylor 3 'Inner Necessity': Fabulation, Frame, and Musical Memory in Mendelssohn's Lobgesang John Michael Cooper 4 An Epic Voice with Rhyme and Reason: On Rehearing Mendelssohn's 'Scottish' Symphony Scott Burnham II Historical and Aesthetic Contexts 5 Mendelssohn and the Idea of the North Sarah Clemmens Waltz 6 Sibling Love and the Daemonic: Contradictions in the Relationship between Felix and Fanny Mendelssohn Angela Mace Christian 7 Mendelssohn and Droysen: Historicism in Practice and Theory Celia Applegate III Analysing Mendelssohn 8 Mendelssohn and Sonata Form: The Case of Op. 44 No. 2 Benedict Taylor 9 Expansion and Recomposition in Mendelssohn's Symphonic Sonata Forms Steven Vande Moortele 10 Syntax and Process in the First Movement of Mendelssohn's Piano Trio Op. 66 Julian Horton 11 Form through Sound: Klangfarbe and Texture in Mendelssohn's Instrumental Compositions Thomas Schmidt IV Art, Ethics, and Religion 12 The Philosophical Composer: The Influence of Moses Mendelssohn and Friedrich Schleiermacher on Felix Mendelssohn Leon Botstein 13 Rethinking Kunstreligion in the Context of Mendelssohn's Life and Work Sabine Koch 14 Sacred Sound and Secular Space in Mendelssohn's Instrumental Music Lawrence Kramer 15 Felix Mendelssohn's Deutsche Liturgie in the Context of the Prussian Agende of 1829 Laura K. T. Stokes V Mendelssohn and the Lied 16 Reassessing Felix Mendelssohn's Song Aesthetic through the Lens of Religion: The Case of 'Entsagung' Jennifer Ronyak 17 Changes of Pace: Expressive Accelerations and Decelerations in Mendelssohn's Vocal Rhythms Harald Krebs 18 'Time is, Time was, Time is past': The Phenomenology of Travel in Mendelssohn's Songs Susan Youens 19 Fanny Hensel's Sechs Lieder Op. 9: A Brother's Elegy Stephen Rodgers Bibliography Index