Redesigning Research on Post-Traumatic Growth

Redesigning Research on Post-Traumatic Growth

Challenges, Pitfalls, and New Directions

Infurna, Frank J.; Jayawickreme, Eranda

Oxford University Press Inc






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1. Growth and the Multiple Dimensions of Well-Being: A Philosopher's Take on the Idea of Post-Traumatic Growth
Valerie Tiberius

2. Current Assessment and Interpretation of Perceived Post-Traumatic Growth
Crystal L. Park and Adriel Boals

3. Post-Traumatic Growth Interventions
Ann Marie Roepke, Areti Zikopoulos, and Marie Forgeard

4. Using Dynamic Personality Theories, Cognitive Neuroscience, and mHealth to Uncover the Process of Post-Traumatic Personality Change in Women with Breast Cancer
Lara M. Baez, Michael H. Antoni, and Aaron S. Heller

5. Using Methods from Personality Psychology to Study Post-Traumatic Growth
Eranda Jayawickreme and Sara Etz Mendonca

6. Emotions and Positive Personality Change in Syrian Origin Young Adults Who Have Recently Resettled in the Netherlands
Odilia M. Laceulle, Kinan Alajak, Eva Alisic, Zeina Al Sawaf, Haza F. Rahim, Renee Zonneveld, Joanne M. Chung

7. Post-Traumatic Growth in Later Adulthood: Disentangling Shorter-and Longer-Term Changes Following Transitions into Senior Housing Facilities
Gloria Luong, J. Doug Coatsworth, and Sy-Miin Chow

8. Prospectively Examining the Effects of a Cancer Diagnosis on Patients, Spouses/Partners, and their Relationship
Elaine O. Cheung, Frank J. Penedo, Judith T. Moskowitz, Betina Yanez, Sheetal M. Kircher, Shilajit D. Kundu, Sarah C. Flury, and Patricia I. Moreno

9. Using Culturally and Contextually Informed Theorizing in Research on Post-Traumatic Growth
Rebecca M. B. White, Gustavo Carlo, George P. Knight, Jenn Yun-Tein, Nancy A. Gonzales, and Alexandria Curlee

10. Modeling Growth and Resilience among Military Personnel: How Using Different Models Yields Different Answers
William J. Chopik

11. Studying Post-Traumatic Growth across the Adult Lifespan: Conceptual and Methodological Considerations
Omar E. Staben, Molly J. Gardner, Frank J. Infurna, Suniya S. Luthar, and Kevin J. Grimm

12. Considering Characteristics of Events in Research on Post-Traumatic Growth
Maike Luhmann and Ina Fassbender

13. Openness to Experience and Post-Traumatic Growth
Marie Forgeard, Elana Bayer-Pacht, Paul J. Silvia, Ann Marie Roepke, and Throestur Bjoergvinsson

14. The Relationship between Narration and Character Growth after Interpersonal Failures and Transgressions
Laura E. R. Blackie and Kate C. McLean

15. Pathways from Adversity to Wisdom
Anna Dorfman, David A. Moscovitch, and Igor Grossmann

16. Redesigning Research on Post-Traumatic Growth: Current Knowledge and New Directions
Frank J. Infurna and Eranda Jayawickreme
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