Reconsidering American Civil-Military Relations

Reconsidering American Civil-Military Relations

The Military, Society, Politics, and Modern War

Brooks, Risa; Beehner, Lionel; Maurer, Daniel

Oxford University Press Inc






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Foreword, Peter D. Feaver Introduction, Lionel Beehner and Daniel Maurer Section I: The Military's Roles and Responsibilities 1. The Paradoxes of Huntingtonian Professionalism, Risa A. Brooks 2. Civil-military relations Norms and Democracy: What Every Citizen Should Know, Marybeth P. Ulrich 3. Dissents and Sensibility: Conflicting Loyalties, Democracy, and Civil-Military Relations, Michael A. Robinson, Lindsay P. Cohn, and Max Z. Margulies Section II: The Civilian Leadership's Roles and Responsibilities 4. Civilian Oversight Inside the Pentagon: Who Does It and How?, Mara Karlin 5. Who has "Skin in the Game"? The Implications of an Operational Reserve for Civil-Military Relations, Jessica Blankshain 6. Militarized Ministries of Defense? Placing the Military Experience of Secretaries of Defense in a Comparative Context, Peter B. White Section III: The Public's Role and Responsibilities 7. A Matter of Trust: Five Pitfalls that Could Squander the American Public's Confidence in the Military, Heidi A. Urben and James T. Golby 8. Confidence Without Sacrifice: American Public Opinion and the U.S. Military, David T. Burbach 9. When an Immovable Object Meets an Irresistible Force: Military Popularity and Affective Partisanship, Jonathan D. Caverley 10. Crisis in the Civil-Military Triangle?, William E. Rapp Section IV: Modern War and Civil-Military Relations 11. Light Footprint, Low Profile, Low Information: Civil-Military Relations and the 2017 Niger Attacks, Alice Hunt Friend 12. The Civil-Military Implications of Emerging Technology, Risa A. Brooks 13. Cyber Operations, Legal Secrecy, and Civil-Military Relations, Dakota S. Rudesill 14. U.S. Civil Military Relations in the Gray Zone, Sarah Sewall Conclusion, Risa A. Brooks
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