Radicalization to Terrorism

Radicalization to Terrorism

What Everyone Needs to Know (R)


Oxford University Press Inc






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Chapter 1. What is terrorism and who becomes a terrorist? Chapter 2. What is radicalization? Chapter 3. How are individuals radicalized to join a terrorist group? Chapter 4. How are small groups radicalized to use terrorism as a tactic? Chapter 5. How are mass publics radicalized to support terrorism? Chapter 6. What is the relation between radical ideas and radical action? Chapter 7. What's different about lone-wolf terrorists? Chapter 8. Are suicide bombers suicidal? Chapter 9. Is it possible to prevent radicalization to terrorism? Chapter 10. Is it possible to de-radicalize terrorists? Chapter 11. What are Mass Identity Manipulations (MIMs)--pictures, songs/chants, rumors, rituals and symbols? Chapter 12. Mass radicalization in the United States Chapter 13. Conclusions: What Everyone Needs to Know about Radicalization and Extremism
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