Quantum Statistical Field Theory

Quantum Statistical Field Theory

An Introduction to Schwinger's Variational Method with Green's Function Nanoapplications, Graphene and Superconductivity

Oxford University Press






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1: Dirac Notation and Transformation Theory 2: Identical Particles and Second Quantization: Occupation Number Representation 3: Q.M. Pictures; Heisenberg Eqn.; Linear Response; Superoperators and Non-Markovian Eqns. 4: Schwinger Action Principle and Variational Calculus 5: Retarded Green's Function 6: Quantum Mechanical Ensemble Averages and Statistical Thermodynamics 7: Thermodynamic Green's Functions and Spectral Structure 8: Equations of Motion with Particle-Particle Interactions and Approximations 9: Nonequilibrium Green's Functions; Variational Relations & Approximations for Particle Interactions 10: RPA Plasma Phenomenology, Semiclassical & Hydrodynamic Models 11: Interacting Electron-Hole-Phonon System 12: Graphene 13: Superfluidity and Superconductivity