Psychosis: Global Perspectives

Psychosis: Global Perspectives

Roberts, Dr Tessa; Cohen, Prof Alex; Morgan, Prof Craig

Oxford University Press






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Part I Psychosis by Topic
1: Ozden Merve Mollaahmetoglu and James B. Kirkbride: Psychosis across place: The madding crowdDL urban living and psychosis
2: Els van der Ven: Psychosis across persons 1: Minority ethnic groups and migration
3: Charlotte Gayer-Anderson, Stephanie Beards, and Ulrich Reininghaus: Psychosis across persons 2: Poverty, trauma, and sociodevelopment
4: Giulia Segre, Conrad Iyegbe, Sarah Tosato, Geraldo Busatto, and Paola Dazzan: Psychosis across persons 3: Genes, biology, and neurodevelopment
5: Jonathan K. Burns: Psychosis across persons 4: Course and outcome
6: Alex Cohen: Mortality and psychosis
7: Neely Anne Laurenzo Myers: Psychosis, phenomenology, and culture: Welcoming the 'black box'
8: Ashok Malla and Srividya N. Iyer: Services and systems of care for psychotic disorders: A global perspective
9: Ursula M. Read and Erminia Colucci: Human rights and psychosis
Part II Psychosis by Place
10: Cristina Marta Del-Ben, Rosana Shuhama, and Paulo Rossi Menezes: Ribeirao Preto, Brazil: Incidence and risks
11: Gerard Hutchinson: Trinidad and Tobago
12: Oye Gureje, Akin Ojagbemi, and Oluyomi Esan: Nigeria
13: Charlotte Hanlon, Alex Cohen, and Atalay Alem: Ethiopia
14: Jonathan K. Burns and Bonginkosi Chiliza: KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
15: Dzmitry Krupchanka, Petr Winkler, Arunas Germanavicius, Jan Pfeiffer, Cyril Hoeschl, Oksana Plevachuk, and Orest Suvalo: Central and Eastern Europe
16: Rangaswamy Thara, Sujit John, Ramachandran Padmavati, Greeshma Mohan, and Vijaya Raghavan: Chennai, India
17: Christy Lai Ming Hui, Wing Chung Chang, Sherry Kit Wa Chan, Edwin Ho Ming Lee, and Eric Yu Hai Chen: Hong Kong
18: Shuiyuan Xiao and Lu Niu: Psychoses and mental health services in mainland China
19: Tessa Roberts, Alex Cohen, and Craig Morgan: Future directions
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