Protestants on Screen

Protestants on Screen

Religion, Politics and Aesthetics in European and American Movies

Redling, Erik; Espinosa, Gaston; Stevens, Jason

Oxford University Press Inc






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Introduction Part I: Why Protestants and Film
Introduction Part II: What is Religion and Why is it Important in Film?
Introduction Part III: What is Protestantism?
Introduction Part IV: Protestantism and Film - Historical Overview
Introduction Part V: Protestant Film Aesthetics
Introduction Part VI: Chapter Overview

Part I. History and Theory of Protestantism in Religion and Film Studies
1 - Protestant Responses to Hollywood, Censorship, and Art Cinema
William D. Romanski
2 - Independent Protestant Film, from the Silent Era to its Resurgence
Andrew Quicke
3 - Protestant Themes within Secular Models of Salvation --"Redeemed" or just "A Bit Happier"'?: The Example of Crazy Heart
Clive Marsh

Part II. The Protestant Reformation on Screen
4 - "Here I stand I can do no other..." Martin Luther in German and American Biopics
Esther Wipfler
5 - The Vexed Man: Oliver Cromwell and the English Reformation and Civil War on Screen
Gaston Espinosa
6 - Propaganda, Blasphemy, and The Savage God in The Witchfinder General & The Wicker Man
Victor Sage

Part III. Protestant Influences in European Art Films
7 - Words versus "The Word": Language and Scripture in Ingmar Bergman's Films and Writings
Maaret Koskinen
8 - Protestant Miracle in Dreyer's Ordet
Marc LeFanu
9 - Babette's Feast: Protestant Pietism, the Conflict of Spirit and Flesh, and Reconciliatory Grace in the Danish Babette's Feast
Kjell O. Lejon
10 - Protestant Ambivalence Towards Allegory in Wim Wenders' The Scarlet Letter
Erik Redling

Part IV. Protestant Experience in American Movies
11 - Where Were You? The Problem of Evil in Terrence Malick's The Tree of Life
Mark Scott
12 - "Holy Ghost Power!" in Robert Duvall's The Apostle
Gaston Espinosa and Jason Stevens
13 - Sinner or Saint?: Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement in Selma
Julius H. Bailey
14 - The Religious Motif of Mountains in Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married?
Melanie Johnson
15 - A Tender View of Conservative Evangelicalism in Higher Ground
Paula M. Kane
16 - Evangelicals and Star Wars: Appropriating a Culture from a Galaxy Far Far Away
Alex Wainer

Part V. Protestant Themes in Film Genres
17 - The Rise and Fall of Evangelical Protestant Apocalyptic Horror: From A Thief in the Night to Left Behind and Beyond
Timothy Beal
18 - The Western. Radical Forgiveness in Unforgiven
Sara Anson Vaux
19 - Protestant Pacifist: War and Pacifism in Mel Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge
Matthew S. Rindge
20 - Film Noir, Calvinism, and Self-Surveillance in Paul Schrader's Hardcore
Jason Stevens
21 - Lost in Adaptation: Aslan's Divinity and the Purpose of Real Pain in Narnia versus Fantasy Film
Devin Brown
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