Principles of Metal Refining and Recycling

Principles of Metal Refining and Recycling

Kvithyld, Anne; Sigworth, Geoffrey K.; Engh, Thorvald Abel

Oxford University Press






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1: Christian Julius Simensen, Otto Lunder, Oddvin Reiso: The effect of dissolved elements and inclusions on the properties of metal products
2: Thermodynamics
3: Mass transfer mixing and numerical models
4: Gabriella Tranell, Martin Syvertsen, and Erlend Bjornstad: Removal of dissolved impurities from molten metals
5: Roderick Guthrie, Sarina Bao, and Mihaiela Isac,: Removal of inclusions from melts
6: Eivind Johannes Ovrelid: Solidification and Refining
7: Martin Syvertsen: Remelting and addition of alloy components
8: Christina Meskers: Metal processes and applications - an overview
9: Olle Wijk: Refining in Steel Converters
10: Per Bakke: Recycling
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