Presidential Leadership in Feeble Times

Presidential Leadership in Feeble Times

Explaining Executive Power in the Gilded Age

Taylor, Mark Zachary

Oxford University Press Inc






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A Note on Abbreviations, Data, and Sources

1. Introduction

2. The Puzzle of the Presidents and the Economy during the Gilded Age

3. Prelude: The Civil War

Interlude: Into the 1870s

4. Ulysses S. Grant, First Term: "A great soldier might be a baby politician," 1869-1873

5. Ulysses S. Grant, Second Term: Panic, Depression, and The Dawn of the Gilded Age, 1873-1877

6. Rutherford B. Hayes and the Great Economic Boom, 1877-1881

Interlude: Into the 1880s

7. James A. Garfield and the Economy of 1881

8. Chester Arthur and the Smoldering Depression of 1881-1885

9. Grover Cleveland: Strict Constitutionalism and the Challenge of Recession, 1885-1889

Interlude: Into the 1890s

10. Benjamin Harrison-Patriot and Partisan: Planting the Seeds of Crisis, 1889-1893

11. Grover Cleveland Returns: The Great Depression of 1893-1897

12. William McKinley and the Developmental State, 1897-1901

13. Conclusions

Appendix: Estimating the Presidents' Economic Performance-Data, Sources, and Methods
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