Predicting Our Climate Future

Predicting Our Climate Future

What We Know, What We Don't Know, And What We Can't Know

Stainforth, David

Oxford University Press






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Section 1
Chapter 1: The obvious and the obscure
Chapter 2: A problem of prediction
Chapter 3: Going beyond what we've seen
Chapter 4: The one-shot bet.
Chapter 5: From chaos to pandemonium
Chapter 6: The curse of bigger and better computers
Chapter 7: Talking at cross purposes
Chapter 8: Not just of academic interest
Section 2
Challenge 1: How to balance justified arrogance with essential humility.
Chapter 9 - Stepping up to the task of prediction
Chapter 10 The Times They Are A Changin'
Chapter 11 Starting from scratch
Chapter 12 Are scientists being asked to answer impossible questions?
Challenge 2: Tying down what we mean by climate and climate change.
Chapter 13 The essence of climate
Chapter 14 A Walk in Three Dimensions
Chapter 15 A walk in three dimensions over a two dimensional sea
Challenge 3: When is a study with a climate model a study of climate change?
Chapter 16 Climate change in climate models
Challenge 4: How can we measure what climate is now and how it has changed?
Chapter 17 Measuring climate change
Challenge 5: How can we relate what happens in a model to what will happen in reality?
Chapter 18 - Can climate models be realistic?
Chapter 19 More models, better information?
Chapter 20 How bad is too bad?
Challenge 6: How can we use today's climate science well?
Chapter 21 - What we do with what we've got
Challenge 7: Getting a grip on the scale of future changes in climate?
Chapter 22 - Stuff of the Genesis myth
Chapter 23 Things ... can only get hotter
Challenge 8: How can we use the information we have, or could have, to design a future that is better than it would otherwise be?
Chapter 24 - Making it personal
Chapter 25 - Where physics and economics meet.
Challenge 9: How can we build physical and social science that is up to the task of informing society about what matters for society?
Chapter 26 - Controlling factors.
Chapter 27 - Beyond comprehension? No, just new challenges for human intellect.
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