Poverty & Development

Poverty & Development

Allen, Tim; Thomas, Alan

Oxford University Press






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Part One: Conceptions of Poverty and Development
1: Alan Thomas and Tim Allen: Why Poverty and Development?
2: Naila Kabeer and Alan Thomas: Poverty and Inequality
3: Alan Thomas: Meanings and Views of Development
4: Duncan Green and Tom Kirk: Agencies of Development
Part Two: Aspects and Causes of Poverty
5: Tim Allen, Shun-Nan Chiang, and Ben Crow: Hunger and Famine
6: Melissa Parker and Cristin Fergus: Diseases of Poverty
7: Peggy Froerer: Poverty and Education
8: David Wield: Unemployment and Making a Living
9: Valeria Cetorelli and Alan Thomas: Population, Poverty and Development
10: Kathryn Hochstetler: Environmental Degradation and Sustainability
11: Tim Allen and Tom Kirk: War and Armed Conflict
Part Three: Transformation and Development
12: Janet Bujra: Diversity in Pre-Capitalist Societies
13: Henry Bernstein: Colonialism, Capitalism, Development
14: David Potter and Alan Thomas: The Power of Colonial States
15: Tom Hewitt: The Era of Development - A short history
16: Guoer Liu and Andrew Kilmister: Socialist Models of Development and the Rise of China
Part Four: Challenges for Development
17: David Potter, Alan Thomas, and Maria del Pilar Lopez-Uribe: Democratization, Governance, and Development
18: Charlotte Brown and Ruth Pearson: Rethinking Gender Matters in Development
19: Peter Robbins, David Wield, and Gordon Wilson: Engineering for Development
20: Cristin Fergus, Tim Allen, and Melissa Parker: New Directions and Challenges for Health and Development
21: Helen Hintjens, Shyamika Jayasundara-Smits, and Ali Bilgic: Migration, Security, and Development
Part Five: Prospects for Development
22: Tony Roberts, Kevin Hernandez, and Becky Faith: Digital Technologies
23: Jo Beall: City Life
24: Tom Kirk, Tim Allen, and John Eade: Identity Politics and Clashing Cultures
25: Dina Abbott, Gordon Wilson, and Alan Thomas: Climate Change and the End of Development
26: John Harriss: Returning to the 'Great Transformation'
27: Ikenna Acholonu, Charlotte Brown, and Ingrina Shieh: Poverty and Development: Prospects for the future