Positive Psychotherapy

Positive Psychotherapy

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PART I INTRODUCTION AND THEORETICAL FOUNDATIONS CHAPTER 1: Positive Psychotherapy: What Is It and Why Do We Need It? CHAPTER 2: Positive Interventions and Theoretical Assumptions CHAPTER 3: Psychopathology: Symptoms and Strengths CHAPTER 4: The Centrality of Character Strengths and How to Use Them in Positive Psychotherapy CHAPTER 5: Positive Psychotherapy: Practice, Process, and Mechanisms of Change PART II SESSION-BY-SESSION PRACTICE Chapter 6: Sessions, Practices, and the Therapeutic Process CHAPTER 7: SESSION ONE: Positive Introduction and Gratitude Journal CHAPTER 8: SESSION TWO: Character Strengths and Signature Strengths CHAPTER 9: SESSION THREE: Practical Wisdom CHAPTER 10: SESSION FOUR: A Better Version of Me CHAPTER 11: SESSION FIVE: Open and Closed Memories CHAPTER 12: SESSION SIX: Forgiveness CHAPTER 13: SESSION SEVEN: Maximizing versus Satisficing CHAPTER 14: SESSION EIGHT: Gratitude CHAPTER 15: SESSION NINE: Hope and Optimism CHAPTER 16: SESSION TEN: Post-traumatic Growth (PTG) CHAPTER 17: SESSION TEN: Slowness and Savoring CHAPTER 18: SESSION TWELVE: Positive Relationships CHAPTER 19: SESSION THIRTEEN: Positive Communication CHAPTER 20: SESSION FOURTEEN: Altruism CHAPTER 21: SESSION FIFTEEN: Meaning and Purpose APPENDICES A: Relaxation & Mindfulness Practices B: Gratitude Journal C: Positive Psychotherapy Inventory (PPTI) D: Building Your Strengths REFERENCES INDEX
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