Pilgrims Until We Die

Pilgrims Until We Die

Unending Pilgrimage in Shikoku

Shultz, John; Reader, Ian

Oxford University Press Inc






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Introduction: A Pilgrim Until I Die
Chapter One: The Shikoku Pilgrimage: History, Legends, Ascetics, and the Structure of Repetition
Chapter Two: Modern Stimulations: Money, Health, Time and Commemoration
Chapter Three: Living on the Pilgrimage: Perpetual Itinerancy and 'Professional Pilgrims'
Chapter Four: Attitudes, Practices, Schedules and Triggers: Addictive Patterns and the Intensity of Performance
Chapter Five: Pilgrims and their Cars: Sociability, Scenery, Faith and Enjoyment
Chapter Six: Walkers on the Way: Multiplicity, Motivations, Health and Retirement
Concluding Comments and New Challenges
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