Philodemus: On Poems, Book 2

Philodemus: On Poems, Book 2

With the fragments of Heracleodorus and Pausimachus

Oxford University Press






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Frontmatter List of Illustrations List of Tables Introduction 1. Philodemus' De poematis 2: The History of the Text (a) The Reconstruction of the Papyrus-Roll (b) How the Papyri were Opened and Recorded (c) How the Papyri were Drawn and Engraved (d) The Contribution of the Interpreti 2. The Manuscripts of De poematis 2 (a) The Papyrus: Catalogue, Condition, and Description (b) The Oxonian Disegni: Catalogue, Description, and Errors (c) The Neapolitan Disegni: Catalogue, Description, and Errors (d) The Format and Script of Hand A (e) The Orthography and Punctuation of Hand A (f) The Columns in Hand B (g) Marginalia, Mistakes, and Corrections 3. The Reconstruction of the Papyrus-Roll (a) The Relative Sequence: Joins and Parallels (b) The Absolute Sequence: Layers, Circumferences, and Roll-Length (c) Kolleseis and Kollemata 4. Philodemus' Sources and Opponents (a) Heracleodorus (b) Pausimachus (c) Crates of Mallos 5. The Work: Purpose, Form, Style, and Reception (a) The Purpose, Form, and Reception of De poematis 2 (b) Style, Authorship, and Title (c) De poematis 2 and the Ars poetica of Horace 6. The Present Edition (a) System of Presentation (b) Conspectus Siglorum Philodemus' De poematis 2 Appendix A. The Fragments of Heracleodorus Appendix B. The Fragments of Pausimachus Endmatter Addenda and Corrigenda to Volumes I/1 and I/3 Conspectus Studiorum Concordances I. By papyrus and disegno II. By HV2 III. By Gomperz IV. By Sbordone V. Heracleodorus: Fragments and Testimonia VI. Original and Revised Column-Numbers in Book 1 Index Locorum Index Verborum General Index
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