Epidemiology, Immunology, and Evolution


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1: Pejman Rohani and Samuel V. Scarpino: Introduction to pertussis transmission and epidemiological dynamics 2: Amanda L. Skarlupka, Bodo Linz, Jennifer Maynard, and Eric T. Harvill: Basics of pertussis pathogenesis 3: Mieszko M. Wilk, Aideen C. Allen, Alicja Misiak, Lisa Borkner, and Kingston H.G. Mills: The immunology of Bordetella pertussis infection and vaccination 4: Natasha Crowcroft and Elizabeth Miller: Pertussis epidemiology 5: Jodie McVernon and Hester de Melker: Role of vaccine schedules 6: Eric T. Harvill and Tracy Nicholson: Animal models 7: Francoise Mascart, Violette Dirix, and Camille Locht: The human immune responses to pertussis and pertussis vaccines 8: Sylvain Gandon: Evolutionary epidemiology theory of vaccination 9: Michael R. Weigand, Margaret M. Williams, and Glen Otero: Temporal patterns of Bordetella pertussis genome sequence and structural evolution 10: Ruiting Lan and Sophie Octavia: Vaccine driven selection and the changing molecular epidemiology of Bordetella pertussis 11: Iain MacArthur and Andrew Preston: Congenerics: What can be learned about pertussis from pertussis-like disease caused by other Bordetella? 12: Shelly Bolotin, Helen Quinn, and Peter McIntyre: Surveillance and diagnostics 13: Benjamin M. Althouse and Samuel V. Scarpino: Contrasting ecological and evolutionary signatures of whooping cough epidemiological dynamics 14: Aaron A. King, Matthieu Domenech de Celles, Felicia M. G. Magpantay, and Pejman Rohani: Pertussis immunity and the epidemiological impact of adult transmissiontransmission: Statistical evidence from Sweden and Massachusetts 15: Tami H. Skoff, Colin S. Brown, and Gayatri Amirthalingam: Public health consequences
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