Parameters of Predicate Fronting

Parameters of Predicate Fronting

Ott, Dennis; Lee-Schoenfeld, Vera

Oxford University Press Inc






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Chapter 1: Parameters of Predicate Fronting
Vera Lee-Schoenfeld and Dennis Ott

Chapter 2: Verb Phrase I-topics in German
Anya Hogoboom and Vera Lee-Schoenfeld

Chapter 3: VP Fronting within a Movement Typology
Lisa deMena Travis and Diane Massam

Chapter 4: The Use of Prosody as a Diagnostic for Syntactic Structure
Lauren Clemens

Chapter 5: V(P)-fronting in Asanta Twi and Limbum
Johannes Hein

Chapter 6: Predicate Fronting with Verb Doubling in Krachi
Jason Kandybowicz and Harold Torrence

Chapter 7: Predicate Doubling by Phonological Copying
Gereon Mueller

Chapter 8: Clause-initial Vs in Sign Languages
Donna Jo Napoli and Rachel Sutton Spence
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