Oxford Studies in Experimental Philosophy Volume 3

Oxford Studies in Experimental Philosophy Volume 3

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Tania Lombrozo, Joshua Knobe, and Shaun Nichols: Introduction 1: Raff Donelson and Ivar Hannikainen: Fuller and the Folk: The Inner Morality of Law Revisited 2: Emily Sullivan, Max Sondag, Ignaz Rutter, Wouter Meulemans, Scott Cunningham, Bettina Speckmann, and Mark Alfano: Can Real Social Epistemic Networks Deliver the Wisdom of Crowds? 3: Dylan Murray: Maggots are Delicious, Sunsets Hideous: False, or Do you Just Disagree? Data on Truth Relativism about Judgments of Personal Taste and Aesthetics 4: Mario Attie-Picker: Does Scepticism Lead to Tranquility? Exploring a Pyrrhonian theme 5: Hannah Tierney: The Subscript View: A Distinct View of Distinct Selves 6: David Rose et al.: The Ship of Theseus Puzzle 7: Vilius Dranseika: False Memories and Quasi-Memories are Memories 8: Chad Gonnerman, Lee Poag, Logan Redden, Jacob Robbins, and Stephen Crowley: In Our Shoes or the Protagonist's? Knowledge, Justification, and Projection 9: Shaylene Nancekivell and Ori Friedman: I Owe you an Explanation: Children's Beliefs about When People are Obligated to Explain Their Actions 10: Pascale Willemsen: The Relevance of Alternate Possibilities for Moral Responsibility for Actions and Omissions 11: Alex Wiegmann, Joachim Horvath, and Karina Meyer: Intuitive Expertise and Irrelevant Options
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