Oxford Handbook of Psychotherapy Ethics

Oxford Handbook of Psychotherapy Ethics

Gaab, Jens; Tekin, Serife; Sadler, John; Trachsel, Manuel; Biller-Andorno, Nikola

Oxford University Press






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Section I: Background and historical context
1: Manuel Trachsel, Jens Gaab, Nikola Biller-Andorno, Serife Tekin, and John Z. Sadler: Why ethics matter in psychotherapy
2: Alan Tjeltveit: A brief moral history of psychotherapy
3: Carole Sinclair: What do psychotherapists need to know about the history of professional ethics?
4: Ulrich Koch and Kelso Cratsley: The history and ethics of the therapeutic relationship
Section II: Concepts and Theories for Psychotherapy Ethics
5: Paul Biegler: Autonomy as a goal in psychotherapy
6: Marco Annoni: Patient protection and paternalism in psychotherapy
7: Jeffrey H.D. Cornelius-White and Gillian Proctor: Empathy, honesty, and integrity in the therapist: a person-centered perspective
8: Marta Herschkopf and Rebecca Brendel: Fairness, justice, and economical thinking in psychotherapy
9: Anna Elsner and Vanessa Rampton: Ethics of care approaches in psychotherapy
10: Susana Lampley and John Z. Sadler: Legitimate and illegitimate imposition of therapists' values on patients
11: Michael Laney and Adam Brenner: Virtue ethics in psychotherapy
12: Eleanor Gilmore-Szott and Thomas Cunningham: How do people make moral medical decisions?
13: Alexander Noyon and Thomas Heidenreich: Existential philosophy and psychotherapy ethics
14: Giovanni Stanghellini: Phenomenological-hermeneutic resources for an ethics of psychotherapeutic care
15: Tobias Zuercher: Free will, responsibility, and blame in psychotherapy
16: Roberto Andorno: Dignity in psychotherapy ethics
Section III: Common Ethical Challenges in Psychotherapy
17: Alastair McKean, Manuel Trachsel, and Paul Croarkin: The ethics of informed consent for psychotherapy
18: Stella Reiter-Theil and Charlotte Wetterauer: Ethics of the therapeutic alliance, shared decision-making, and consensus on therapy goals
19: James Phillips and John Z. Sadler: Evidence, science, and ethics in talk-based healing practices
20: Charlotte Blease, John M. Kelley, and Manuel Trachsel: Patient information on evidence and clinical effectiveness of psychotherapy
21: Michael Linden: Ethical dimensions of psychotherapy side effects
22: Anke Maatz, Lena Schneller, and Paul Hoff: Privacy and confidentiality in psychotherapy: conceptual background and ethical considerations in the light of clinical challenges
23: Kevin S. Doyle: Dual and multiple relationships in psychotherapy
24: John Z. Sadler: Ethics considerations in selecting psychotherapy modalities and formats
25: Jeffrey E. Barnett: Therapist self-disclosure
26: Jens Gaab and Manuel Trachsel: Placebo and nocebo in psychotherapy
27: Anna E. Brandon: The business of psychotherapy in private practice
28: Joelle Robertson-Preidler, Nikola Biller-Andorno, and Tricia Johnson: Impact of mental health care funding and reimbursement systems on access to psychotherapy
29: Cynthia Geppert: Psychotherapeutic futility
30: Larry Davidson: The moral significance of recovery
31: Kristi Pikiewicz: Social media ethics for the professional psychotherapist
32: Thomas G. Plante: Relationship between religion, spirituality, and psychotherapy: An ethical perspective
33: Laura Guidry-Grimes and Jamie Carlin Watson: Ethics and expert authority in the patient-psychotherapist relationship
Section IV: Ethical Issues with Specific Psychotherapy Approaches
34: Sahanika Ratnayake and Christopher Poppe: Ethical issues in cognitive-behavioral therapy
35: Robert P. Drozek: Ethical processes in psychoanalysis and psychodynamic psychotherapy
36: Andreas Fryszer and Rainer Schwing: Ethical issues in systemic psychotherapy
37: Orah T. Krug and Troy Piwowarski: Ethical issues in existential-humanistic psychotherapy
38: Ueli Kramer and Robert Elliott: Ethical considerations in emotion-focused therapy
39: Abigail Levin: Ethical considerations on mindfulness-based psychotherapeutic interventions
40: Martin grosse Holtforth, Juan Martin Gomez Penedo, Cosima Locher, Charlotte Blease, and Louis G. Castonguay: Psychotherapy integration as an ethical practice
Section V: Ethical Challenges of Specific Settings and Populations
41: Virginia M. Brabender: Identifying and resolving ethical dilemmas in group psychotherapy
42: Marcel Schaer and Celia Steinlin: Ethics in couple and family psychotherapy
43: Ashley R. Castro, Gerald P. Koocher, and Eric Peist: Ethical challenges of specific settings and populations: Psychotherapy with children and adolescents
44: Julian C. Hughes and Richard Cheston: Psychotherapy in old age: Ethical issues
45: Josh E. Becker, Audrey Cecil, and Michael C. Gottlieb: Ethical considerations of court-ordered outpatient therapy
46: Gwen Adshead: Ethical issues in the psychotherapy of high risk offenders
47: Ofer Zur and Manuel Trachsel: Beyond the office walls: Ethical challenges of home treatment, and other out-of-office therapies
48: Alysia Hoover-Thompson, BrandonC. Bogle, and James L. Werth, Jr.: Common ethical issues associataed with psychotherapy in rural areas
49: Julia Stoll and Manuel Trachsel: Ethical aspects of online psychotherapy
50: Tania Manriquez, Nikola Biller-Andorno, and Manuel Trachsel: The ethics of artificial intelligence in psychotherapy
51: Gaby Shefler, Shai Lederman, and Refael Yonatan-Leus: Unique ethical dilemmas in psychotherapy of other psychotherapists: Description, considerations, and ways of coping
52: Mathieu Bernard, Sonia Krenz, and Ralf J. Jox: Ethics of psychotherapeutic interventions in palliative care
53: Diane O'Leary and Keith Geraghty: Ethical psychotherapeutic management of patients with medically unexplained symptoms: The risk of misdiagnosis and harm
54: Jan Ilhan Kizilhan: Psychotherapy in a multicultural society
55: H. Russell Searight: Conducting psychotherapy through a foreign language interpreter
56: Sheila Addison and Whit Ryan: Ethical issues in working with LGBTQ+ clients
57: Suryia Nayak: Intersectionality and psychotherapy with an eye to clinical and professional ethics
58: Karin Hediger, Herwig Grimm, and Andreas Aigner: Ethics of animal-assisted psychotherapy
59: Andreas T. Schmidt and Lovro Savic: Ethical issues of mindfulness-based interventions from a public health perspective
Section VI: Ethics of psychotherapy education, training, quality assurance, and research
60: Jennifer Radden and Jerome Kroll: Virtue ethics and the multicultural clinic
61: Scott D. Miller, Joshua Madsen, and Mark Hubble: Toward an evidence-based standard of professional competence
62: Andres Consoli, Heidi A. Zetzer, and Himadhari Sharma: Ethical importance of psychotherapists' self-care and when it fails
63: Paul Snelling: The metaethics of psychotherapy codes of ethics and conduct
64: Irina Franke and Anna Richer-Roessler: Professional conduct and handling misconduct in psychotherapy: Ethical practice between boundaries, relationships, and reality
65: GAM Widdershoven and AM Ruissen: Dealing with moral dilemmas in psychotherapy: The relevance of moral case deliberation
66: Tobias Eichinger: Psychotherapy ethics in film
67: Anna Magdalena Elsner: Psychotherapy ethics in 20th-century literature
68: Violette Corre, Poonima Bhola, and Manuel Trachsel: Ethical issues in psychotherapy research
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