Oxford Handbook of International Law and Development

Oxford Handbook of International Law and Development

Buchanan, Ruth; Eslava, Luis; Pahuja, Sundhya

Oxford University Press






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I: Disciplinary Frameworks
1: Ruth Buchanan, Luis Eslava, Caitlin Murphy, and Sundhya Pahuja: Making and Remaking the World Anew: International Law and the Development Project
2: Philipp Dann: The Law of International Development
3: Donatella Alessandrini and Jeremmy Okonjo: The Global Economic Order and Development
4: Jennifer L Beard: Charities, Philanthropic Organisations, and International Development
5: Shane Chalmers: The Rule of Law and International Development
II: Institutions
6: Luis Eslava, Caitlin Murphy, and Sundhya Pahuja: Development, International Law, and the State
7: Guy Fiti Sinclair: A Better Way of World Making? International Law and Development at the United Nations
8: Robi Rado: The Bretton Woods Institutions: Custodians of Development
9: Nicolas M Perrone: The International Trade Order and Development
10: Helmut Philipp Aust and Alejandro Rodiles: Cities and Local Governments: International Development from Below?
III: Regional Actors and Theatres of International Law and Development
11: Obiora Okafor and Maxwel Miyawa: Africa as a 'Theatre' of International Law and Development: Knowledge, Practice, and Resistance
12: Helena Alviar Garcia and Lina Buchely Ibarra: Latin America in Law and Development
13: Raza Saeed: The Evolution of Development and the South Asian Experience
14: Rebecca Monson, Keith Camacho, and Joseph Foukona: Re-Storying Law and Development in Oceania
15: Kangle Zhang: International Law, Development, and the Making of a Chinese Model
16: Gamze Erden Turkelli: EU led Development: From Colonial Enterprise to Coaxial Policy Instrument
17: Leila Brannstrom and Markus Gunneflo: Images of the North: The Nordic Promise of Development
IV: The Agendas
18: Michael Fakhri and Titlayo Adebola: Agriculture in International Law and Development
19: M Sornarajah: International Law and Development: Foreign Investment
20: Miranda Stewart and Prasanna Nidumolu: International Tax Law and Development
21: Amy J Cohen and Andrew Lang: Ethical Markets and Economic Development: How Fair Trade Produced a Neoliberal 'Social'
22: Diamond Ashiagbor and Kerry Rittich: Labour and Labour Law in the Project of International Development
23: Doris Buss: Women and the Family in International Law and Development
24: Gina Heathcote and Olivia Lwabukuna: Gender and Sexuality in International Law and Development
25: John Harrington: 'Mtu ni Afya': Health, Development, and the Third World, Then and Now
26: Beverley Jacobs and Jeffery Hewitt: Indigeneity: Practices of Indigenous International Law
27: Joel Modiri: Global White Supremacy as/and Worldmaking: 'Race' in International Law and Development
28: Usha Natarajan: International Law and Sustainable Development
29: Nina Araneta-Alana: Climate Finance and Governance in International Law and Development
30: Alex P Dela Cruz: 'The Ocean We Want': Development and the Oceanic Future in International Law
31: Florian F Hoffman and Danielle Rached: Human Rights and Development
32: Priya S Gupta: Property in Law and Development
33: Vasuki Nesiah: Transitional Justice and Development: Governance at the End of History
34: George B Radics and Pablo Ciocchini: Law and Order: Legal Institutions and Penal Populism
35: Sanya Samtani: Educational Materials as a Technology for Development
36: Elise Klein: Behaviour as a Technology of Development
37: Serena Natile: New Technologies of International Law and Development
38: Ruth Buchanan and Caitlin Murphy: Measurement as Development
V: Alternative Futures
39: Ugo Mattei and Margot E Salomon: From Poverty and Development to a People's International Law
40: Roger Merino: Reinventing Sovereignty: Removing Colonial Legacies, Opening Purinational Futures
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