Non-Interrogative Subordinate Wh-Clauses

Non-Interrogative Subordinate Wh-Clauses

Umbach, Carla; Jedrzejowski, Lukasz

Oxford University Press






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1: /Lukasz Jredrzejowski and Carla Umbach: Varieties of non-interrogative wh-clauses
2: Kristina Liefke: Two kinds of English non-manner how-clauses
3: Atle Gronn: Tense in how- and that-clauses under visual perception: A view from Russian
4: Aritz Irurtzun: Basque non-interrogative nola as a (de dicto) factive complementizer
5: Carla Umbach, Stefan Hinterwimmer, and Cornelia Ebert: Depictive manner complements
6: Norbert Corver: Decomposing adverbs and complementizers: A case study of Dutch hoe, 'how'
7: Roland Hinterhoelzl: Perceptive evidential wie-clauses in German: A situation-based approach
8: Radek %Simik and Jakub Slama: Czech evidential relatives introduced by jak, 'how': Recognitional cues for the hearer
9: Andreas Pankau: Comparative relatives in German
10: Karin Pittner and Werner Frey: German wie-comment and reporting clauses: A comparison with so-parentheticals
11: Wei-Tien Dylan Tsai: Embedding force and attitude: Evidence from Chinese and Vietnamese non-canonical wh-expressions
12: Lucia M. Tovena: Asking about the reason for an effect, and some consequences for the analysis of wh-interrogatives
13: Ivano Caponigro and Anamaria F&al&auls: 'Why' without asking in Romanian
14: Marisa Brook and Keir Moulton: Locating the locative in English pseudo-locative where-relatives
15: Wataru Uegaki: The doubt-whether puzzle
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