New Essays on the Metaphysics of Nonexistence

Goldschmidt, Tyron; Bernstein, Sara

Oxford University Press






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List of Contributors
Sara Bernstein and Tyron Goldschmidt: Introduction
1: Sara Bernstein: Ontological Pluralism about Non-Being
2: Graham Priest: Nothingness and the Ground of Reality: Heidegger and Nishida
3: Roy Sorensen: Thales' Riddle of the Night
4: Fatema Amijee: Something from Nothing: Why Some Negative Existentials are Fundamental
5: Filippo Casati and Naoya Fujikawa: Against Gabriel: On the Nonexistence of the World
6: Koji Tanaka: How Can Buddhists Prove That Non-Existent Things Do Not Exist?
7: Bryan Frances: How Ordinary Objects Fit into Reality
8: Eddy Keming Chen: The Cosmic Void
9: Roberto Casati and Achille Varzi: Ballot Ontology
10: Aaron Segal: Something out of Nothing: What Zeno Could Have Taught Parmenides
11: Tyron Goldschmidt and Sam Lebens: Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit: An Argument for Anti-Nihilism
12: Craig Warmke: Ostrich Actualism
13: Lorraine Juliano-Keller and John Keller: Saying Nothing and Thinking Nothing
14: Arif Ahmed: Why It Matters What Might Have Been
15: Jacob Ross: Explanatory Relevance and the Doing/Allowing Distinction
16: Carolina Sartorio: Responsibility and the Metaphysics of Omissions
17: Daniel Rubio: Death's Shadow Lightened
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