No Standard Oil

No Standard Oil

Managing Abundant Petroleum in a Warming World

Gordon, Deborah

Oxford University Press Inc






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Foreword by Jessica T. Mathews
List of Abbreviations
Introduction - The Unexpected Pitfalls of Contending With Oil and Gas

Part I: The Problem
Chapter 1 - Beyond Peak Oil and Gas
Chapter 2 - The Overlooked Perils of Heterogeneous Oil and Gas
Chapter 3 - A Better Way to Measure Climate Footprints
Chapter 4 - Curbing the Climate Footprints of Oil and Gas

Part II: The Players
Chapter 5 - Industry: Turning the Titanic
Chapter 6 - Governments: Acting in the Public Interest
Chapter 7 - Civil Society: Driving Change

Part III: The Pathways
Chapter 8 - Moving Forward: Oil and Gas Climate Solutions
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