Network Propaganda

Network Propaganda

Manipulation, Disinformation, and Radicalization in American Politics

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Part I Mapping Disorder 1. Epistemic Crisis 2. The Architecture of our Discontent 3. The Propaganda Feedback Loop Part II Dynamics of Network Propaganda 4. Immigration and Islamophobia: Breitbart and the Trump Party 5. The Fox Diet 6. Mainstream Media Failure Modes and Self-Healing in a Propaganda-Rich Environment Part III The Usual Suspects 7. The Propaganda Pipeline: Hacking the core from the periphery 8. Are the Russians Coming? 9. Mammon's Algorithm: Marketing, Manipulation, and Clickbait on Facebook Part IV Can Democracy Survive the Internet? 10. Polarization in American Politics 11. The Origins of Asymmetry 12. Can the Internet Survive Democracy? 13. What can Men do against such Reckless Hate? 14. Conclusion
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