Musical Emotions Explained

Musical Emotions Explained

Unlocking the Secrets of Musical Affect

Oxford University Press






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Part I: Introduction 1: Setting the Stage: Overture in C Major 2: The Book's Composition: Aim and Structure 3: The Value of a Psychological Approach 4: Music, Experience, and Affect Part II: Expression and Perception of Emotion 5: What Is Meant by Emotional Expression? 6: Empirical Studies: What Have We Learned? 7: Music as Expression: Objections and Obstacles 8: Breaking the Code: The Musical Features 9: How Are Music and Emotion Links Studied? 10: Viewing Music Through a Brunswikian Lens 11: The Voice of Angels? Iconic Expression 12: Further Layers: Intrinsic and Associative Expression 13: Deviation From the Exact: The Role of the Performer Part III: Arousal of Emotion 14: Beyond Perception: When Music Moves Us 15: Does Music Arouse Emotions? How Do We Know? 16: The Prevalence of Emotional Reactions 17: How Does Music Arouse Emotions? 18: Jumping at Shadows: Brain Stem Reflex 19: Get Into the Groove: Rhythmic Entrainment 20: Mirroring the Expression: Contagion 21: Ring My Bell: Evaluative Conditioning 22: Blast From the Past: Episodic Memory 23: Seeing in the Mind's Eye: Visual Imagery 24: What Comes Next? Musical Expectancy 25: Predictions, Implications, Complications Part IV: Aesthetic Judgment 26: Aesthetics: The Hard Problem? 27: Traditional Approaches to Aesthetics 28: What's Special? Adopting the Aesthetic Attitude 29: Aesthetic Criteria: Meet the Usual Suspects! 30: A Novel Approach Towards Aesthetic Judgment 31: Aesthetics and Affect in Broader Perspective 32: The Last Chorus: Putting It All Together 33: Coda: Final Outlook Appendix: The Lens Model Equation
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