Music for Inclusion and Healing in Schools and Beyond

Music for Inclusion and Healing in Schools and Beyond

Hip Hop, Techno, Grime, and More

Dale, Pete; Travis Jr., Raphael; Burnard, Pamela

Oxford University Press Inc






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List of Contributors

Part One: Curriculum and Music Education

1. Beat(s) For Blame: UK Drill Music, 'Race' and Criminal Injustice
Lambros Fatsis

2. DJ School UK and Beyond: My Journey As a DJ and DJ Educator
Jim Reiss

3. 'Bildung Life' - Holistic Ideals of Hip Hop Education
Johan Soederman

4. Technology and the Music Curriculum: Maximising Inclusion, Diversifying Options
Pete Dale

5. Musical Futures and Music Technology in Mainstream Music Education
Fran Hannan & Martin Ainscough

6. Rethinking the curriculum with Future DJs and Virtuoso
Austen Smart & Scott Smart

Part Two: Healing and Wellness

7. Power and Connection

8. Intentional Uses of Music: Hip Hop, Healing, and Empowerment for Youth Self-Care and Community Well-Being
Raphael Travis, Alex Crooke, and Ian Levy

9. Becoming a Therapeutic Hip Hop Mentor
Kiran Manley

10. Global Inclusion and Healing through Therapeutic Beat Making
Elliot Gann and Alex Crooke

11. The Sound Pad Project: Co-creation of Breakin, Dance Education, and an Inclusive Educational Technology
Nathan Geering and Simon Hayhoe

12. Using Social Media to Cultivate Connected Learning and Social and Emotional Support through a Hip Hop Based Education Programme
Jabari Evans

Part Three: Evaluation and Impact

13. The Hip Hopification of Education and its Evaluation

14. Translating Evaluation and Research into Practice: What Matters for Socially Engaged Arts Programmes in and Beyond Schools?
Pamela Burnard

15. Untangling Earphones - Voice and Agency in Participatory Music Impact Evaluation
Douglas Lonie

16. Evaluating Young People's Spoken Word: Popular Music Projects
Beate Peter

17. Evaluating Well-being Outcomes of the Social Enterprise 'Noise Solution': Digital Approaches to Outcome Capture
Simon Glenister

18. Who is Heard and Who Gets to Belong in Hip Hop? The Counterspaces of Women and Gender Minority Rappers in Finland
Inka Rantakallio

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