Multilayer Networks

Multilayer Networks

Structure and Function

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Part I: Single and multilayer networks 1: Complex systems as multilayer networks Part II: Single networks 2: The structure of single networks 3: The dynamics on single networks Part III: Multilayer networks 4: Multilayer networks in nature, society and infrastuctures 5: The mathematical definition 6: Basic structural properties 7: Structural correlations of multiplex networks 8: Communities 9: Centrality measures 10: Multilayer network models 11: Interdependent multilayer networks 12: Classical percolation, generalized percolation and cascades 13: Epidemic spreading 14: Diffusion 15: Synchronization, non-linear dynamics and control 16: Opinion dynamics and game theory Appendix A: The Barabasi Albert model: the master equation Appendix B: Entropy and null models of single networks Appendix C: Growing multiplex networks: the master equation Appendix D: Percolation of interdependent networks Appendix E: Directed percolation of interdependent networks Appendix F: Immunization strategies on multiplex networks Appendix G: Spectrum of the Supra-Laplacian