Modern Playhouses

Modern Playhouses

An Architectural History of Britain's New Theatres, 1945-1985

Fair, Alistair

Oxford University Press






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Introduction: 'The Pattern is Now Quite Different' 1: 'An Instrument of Policy and Something Socially Desirable': Public Funding and Theatre 2: 'Housing the Arts': Funding Capital Projects 3: Towards a New Theatre Architecture, 1945-1960 4: 'The Second Positive Stage': Modern Public Buildings, c.1958-1971 5: 'A New Image of the Town Centre': Theatres, Civic Pride, and Urbanity 6: 'The Modern Concept of a Community Theatre': The Social Centre 7: 'At the End of a Boom'? Frugality and Contextualism, c.1968-1985 8: 'Theatre of the Future': Rethinking the Auditorium 9: 'The Most Revolutionary Thing?' Modern Proscenium-arch & End-stage Auditoria 10: Escaping From Boarded Concrete and Modern Finishes'? Impermanency, Mobility, Rehabilitation - And Emulation Conclusions: 'Out Of Its Sick Bed'
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