Model Minority Masochism

Model Minority Masochism

Performing the Cultural Politics of Asian American Masculinity

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Acknowledgments Introduction Chapter 1: Vincent Chin's Wedding: Techno-Orientalist Becoming and Asian American Liberalism Chapter 2: Bludgeons and Becomings: Vincent Chin, Suspenseful Reveal, and the Limits of the Legal Chapter 3: An Asian is Being Whipped: The Afro-Asian Super-Ego in the Theater of Philip Kan Gotanda Chapter 4: Never Stop Making Them Pay: Greg Pak's Hulk, Moral Masochism, and Asian American Ressentiment Chapter 5: Asians Never Stare Into Your Eyes: Affective Flatness and the Techno-Orientalization of the Self in Tao Lin's Taipei and Tan Lin's Insomnia and the Aunt Chapter 6: White Skin, Yellow Flesh: Transhumanist Erotohistoriography in Deus Ex: Human Revolution Coda: Sankyoufocoming Bibliography Index
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