Modality Across Syntactic Categories

Modality Across Syntactic Categories

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1: Ana Arregui, Maria Luisa Rivero, and Andres Salanova: Introduction Part I: Low Modality 2: Luis Alonso-Ovalle and Paula Menendez-Benito: Epistemic indefinites: On the content and distribution of the epistemic component 3: Luis Alonso-Ovalle and Junko Shimoyama: Modal indefinites: Where do Japanese wh-kas fit in? 4: Ilaria Frana: Modality in the nominal domain: The case of adnominal conditionals 5: David-Etienne Bouchard: The non-modality of opinion verbs 6: Fabienne Martin and Florian Schafer: Sublexical modality in defeasible causative verbs 7: Aynat Rubinstein: Straddling the line between attitude verbs and necessity modals 8: Igor Yanovich: May under verbs of hoping: Evolution of the modal system in the complements of hoping verbs in Early Modern English Part II: Middle Modality 9: Bronwyn M. Bjorkman and Claire Halpert: In an imperfect world: Deriving the typology of counterfactual marking 10: Remus Gergel: Dimensions of variation in Old English modals Part III: High Modality 11: Ana Arregui, Maria Luisa Rivero, and Andres Salanova: Aspect and tense in evidentials 12: Sihwei Chen, Vera Hohaus, Rebecca Laturnus, Meagan Louie, Lisa Matthewson, Hotze Rullmann, Ori Simchen, Claire K. Turner, and Jozina Vander Klok: Past possibility cross-linguistically: Evidence from twelve languages 13: Kai von Fintel and Sabine Iatridou: A modest proposal for the meaning of imperatives References Index
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