Milton and the Resources of the Line

Milton and the Resources of the Line

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Preface 1: 'Fear of Change': Closed Minds and Open Forms 2: Service is Perfect Freedom': Paradox and Prosodic Style in Paradise Lost 3: Variously Drawn Out': Lineation and Syntax in Paradise Lost 4: The Melting Voice Through Mazes Running': Rhythmic Verve in L'Allegro and Il Penseroso 5: Samson Agonistes: Chorus and Catastrophe 6: 'In Fit Sound': Modes of Onomatopoeia, and Beyond 7: Rhyme was Not his Talent': The Lyric Verse 8: Things Unattempted Yet in Rhyme': Rhyming in Blank Verse 9: Resonant Minutiae: Some Niceties of Rhythm and Rhyme 10: Cromwell's Three Great Poets: Interweavings of Prosody and Ideology 11: The Intrepid Milton: 1667, and Ever After Appendix: Prosodic Symbols: an Outline Works Cited
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