Marine Disease Ecology

Marine Disease Ecology

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SECTION 1: MARINE INFECTIOUS DISEASES AND THEIR ECOLOGICAL ROLES 1: Bateman, Feist, Bignell, Bass and Stentiford: Marine pathogen diversity and disease outcomes 2: Mclaughlin, Morton and Lafferty: Parasites in marine food webs 3: Morton, Silliman and Lafferty: Disease can shape marine ecosystems SECTION 2: DRIVERS OF MARINE DISEASE 4: Little, Rojas and Rohwer: Bacteriophage can drive virulence in marine pathogens 5: Burge and Hershberger: Climate change can drive marine diseases 6: Bojko, Lipp, Ford and Behringer: Pollution can drive marine diseases 7: Lohan, Ruiz and Torchin: Invasions can drive marine disease dynamics SECTION 3: DISEASE PROBLEMS AND THEIR MANAGEMENT 8: Harvell and Lamb: Disease outbreaks can threaten marine biodiversity 9: Raymundo, Burge and Lamb: Disease ecology in marine conservation and management 10: Behringer, Wood, Krkosek and Bushek: Disease in fisheries and aquaculture SECTION 4: WORKING WITH INFECTIOUS DISEASES 11: Frasca, Gast, Bogomolni and Szczepanek: Diagnosing marine diseases 12: Ben-Horin, Bidegain, de Leo, Groner, Hofmann, McCallum and Powell: Modelling marine diseases 13: Thurber: Future directions for marine disease research
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