Mahler's Seventh Symphony

Mahler's Seventh Symphony

Stoll Knecht, Anna

Oxford University Press Inc







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Introduction Chapter 1: Premiere and Reception Premiere Reception The "problems" of the Seventh Chapter 2: Structure, Interpretation and Genesis Structure Main interpretive leads Genesis Chapter 3: Compositional History Autobiographical and biographical evidence Musical evidence Chapter 4: Rondo-Finale Form and content Interpretive views Chapter 5: Genesis of the Rondo-Finale The Vienna sketchbook and the Moldenhauer sketches The Paris sketchbook leaves and the Moldenhauer sketches Other sketches and drafts for the Finale Chapter 6: Nachtmusiken The first Nachtmusik The second Nachtmusik Chapter 7: Scherzo Dancing death Structure Sketches and drafts Walpurgis night Chapter 8: First Movement Beginning of the Seventh Form and content Sketches and drafts (Auto)biography, genesis and interpretation Chapter 9: Die Meistersinger in the Seventh Symphony The Meistersinger references in the Finale Quartal harmony in the Seventh and Meistersinger Preliminary sketches in the Vienna sketchbook E minor to C major: from Night to Day Mahler and Beckmesser Conclusion What the genesis tells us "Problems" of the Seventh From tragedy to comedy Beginnings and ends Appendices: A: Manuscripts and editions of the Seventh Symphony B: Mahler discography M: Motivic tables F: Formal tables CSk: Correspondences between the sketches MSk: Motivic table for the sketches Synopsis of Richard Wagner's Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg Bibliography
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