Live Music in America

Live Music in America

A History from Jenny Lind to Beyonce

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Preface and Acknowledgments Introduction: Toward a History of Liveness 1. Selling the Nightingale: Jenny Lind, P.T. Barnum, and the Management of the American Crowd 2. Staging the Spiritual: The Fisk Jubilee Singers and the Postbellum Public Sphere 3. Economies of Performance: Tony Pastor, Ernest Hogan, and the Emergence of Vaudeville 4. Remaking Liveness: The Social Geography of Early Jazz 5. Culture High and Low: Reinventing Concert Music 6. The Perfect Package: Rock 'n' Roll Concerts in the 1950s 7. Crowds, Chaos, and Community: Music Festivals from Newport to New Orleans 8. The Politics of Scale: Arenas, Stadiums, and the Industrialization of Liveness 9. Staging Hip-Hop: Race, Rap, and the Remapping of Musical Performance Conclusion: A Homecoming Index