Like a Tree Universally Spread

Like a Tree Universally Spread

Sri Sabhapati Swami and Sivarajayoga

Cantu, Keith Edward

Oxford University Press Inc






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List of Illustrations

From Hidden Roots to Outer Blossoms
A Treelike "Translocalization" of Yoga
The Chapters and Methodology of This Book

Chapter 1. Hagiographies and Old Diary Leaves
Extant Sources for Sabhapati's Life
Sabhapati's Childhood
A Quest for Religious Truth
A Visionary Experience in Velachery
A Southbound Quest
Lectures and a Himalayan Flight
A Splash on the Lahore Scene
Shrish Chandra Basu and the Theosophical "Founders"
John Campbell Oman and "Sadhuism"
A Vision of Agastya Once in Fifty Years
Sabhapati in Bombay
Agastya and the Konnur Meditation Hall
South Indians to the Fore
Om Prakash Swamigal
Konnur Ramalinga Swamigal
Sabhapati Swami's Death and Disappearance

Chapter 2. A Vast Forest of Printed Words
Textual Stemmata of Sabhapati's Works
The Alpha Stemma
Three Original Editions of vry
cpsps as Alpha Stemma
Detailed Contents of the Alpha Stemma
Bengali and German Translations
William Estep's Esoteric Cosmic Yogi Science
The Beta and Gamma Stemmata
Contextualizing Sabhapati's Vernacular Works
cpsps as Beta and Gamma Stemmata
ctcspv and the Gamma Stemma
ryb and the Beta Stemma
Pamphlets for Konnur Meditation Hall
Sabhapati's Literature in Telugu
Sabhapati's Tamil Work mcvts

Chapter 3. Seeds of a Cosmological Religion
Sabhapati's Two Gurus
Chidambara Swamigal and "Instructive Truth"
Shivajnana Bodha and the Tamil Siddhas
An Embodied Cosmos
Shiva as "Infinite Spirit"
A Cosmogonic Separation of "Faculties"
"Illustration by Examples"
The Tree Universally Spread
Emancipation and Transmigration
Household of the Body's Truth (dehatattva)
Connections with Tamil Saiva Discourse
Views on Other Religions and Movements
Sabhapati and Buddhism
Sabhapati and Christianity
Sabhapati and Islam
Sabhapati and Zoroastrianism, or "Parsism"
Sabhapati and "Samajees"
Sabhapati and the "Theosophical Societies"
Sabhapati and Atheism

Chapter 4. Breathing into 'Sivar=ajayoga
Three Branches of Yoga
Hatha Yoga or "Yoga of Force"
Ha.thar=ajayoga or "Royal Yoga of Force"
'Sivar=ajayoga or "Royal Yoga for Shiva"
'Sivar=ajayoga: From Purification to Nonbeing

Chapter 5. Singing Mantras and Visualizing Flowers
Lyrical Compositions and Musical Poems
Incantation of Tones and Mantras
Sabhapati's Visual Diagrams
Changing Visual Representations
Svar=upa and Yoga

Chapter 6. Dissecting the Nature of 'Sivar=ajayoga
Spiritual and Physical Phenomena
The Pure Ethers
A Naturalistic Cosmology of Yoga

Chapter 7. Magical Fruits of Occult Yoga
Sabhapati and Theosophy
Franz Hartmann and Sabhapati in German Translation
Sabhapati and "Thelemic Magick"
William Estep and "Super Mind Science"

Epilogue: Parts of a Universal Tree

Appendix 1. A Translation of t2 (in mcvts)
Excerpt of t2 (English Translation)
Excerpt of t2 (Original Tamil)
Appendix 2. Lexicon of Common Terms and Variants
Appendix 3. A Passage from vry on the "Pole" of 'Sivar=ajayoga

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