Life and Death in Early Modern Philosophy

Life and Death in Early Modern Philosophy

James, Susan

Oxford University Press






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Susan James: Introduction
I Feeling Alive
1: Ursula Renz: The Consciousness of Being Alive as a Source of Knowledge
II Immortality
2: Michael Moriarty: 'The Thought of Death Changes All our Ideas and Condemns our Plans': Early modern Christian philosophical perspectives on death
3: Matteo Favaretti Camposampiero: The Banishment of Death: Leibniz's Scandalous Immortalism
III Learning to Live
4: Giuliana di Biase: Human Life as a State of Mediocrity in John Locke
5: Lisa Shapiro: Learning to Live a Human Life
6: Julie R. Klein: Spinozan Meditations on Life and Death
IV Learning to Die
7: Michael Jaworzyn: 'Meditatio Mortis', Post-Cartesian Conceptions of Life and the Conjunction of Mind and Body
8: Piet Steenbakkers: Living Well, Dying Well: Life and Death in Spinoza's Philosophy and Biography
9: Piero Schiavo: Prevailing over Death: Democritus and the Myth of a Philosophical Death
V Suicide
10: Sarah Tropper: When the Manner of Death Disagrees with the Status of Life. The Intricate Question of Suicide in Early Modern Philosophy
11: Teresa Tato Lima: David Hume's Philosophical Approach to Suicide
12: John J. Callanan: Less than Zero: Kant's Opposition to Suicide
VI Inanimate and Animate
13: Barnaby R. Hutchins: 'Everyone knows what life is': Life as an Irreducible in and outside of Descartes' Metaphysics and Biology
14: Steph Marston: Affect and Effect: Spinoza on Life
15: Charles T. Wolfe: Vitalism and the Metaphysics of Life: The Discreet Charm of Eighteenth Century Vitalism
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