Leipzig After Bach

Leipzig After Bach

Church and Concert Life in a German City

Sposato, Jeffrey S.

Oxford University Press Inc







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List of Illustrations List of Musical Examples List of Tables Abbreviations Acknowledgements Introduction I Leipzig, Saxony, and Lutheran Orthodoxy Saxony and the Birth of the Reformation The Establishment of Orthodoxy in Saxony Threats to Orthodoxy: Pietism and Rationalism A Catholic King Leipzig and the Lutheran Mass II Church Music and the Rise of the Public Concert, 1743-85 From Collegium to Concert Bach, the Cantata, and the Concerted Mass Gottlob Harrer and the New Era of Leipzig Church Music Johann Friedrich Doles and Approachable Church Music Hiller, Church Music, and the Grosse Concert The Gewandhaus III Hiller, Schicht, and the Crises of Church and State, 1785-1823 Hiller as Thomaskantor The Cantor, the Superintendent, and the Crisis in the Church August Muller and the Invasion of Leipzig Schicht and the Transformation of Gewandhaus Sacred Music IV Mendelssohn and the Transformation of Leipzig Musical Culture Schulz, Pohlenz, and a Demand for Change at the Gewandhaus Mendelssohn and a New Vision for Music in Leipzig Programming Trends Mendelssohn and Serious Music "They prefer to ignore Weinlig" An Ally for Change: Moritz Hauptmann as Thomaskantor Epilogue Bibliography Index
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