Learning from Our Mistakes

Learning from Our Mistakes

Epistemology for the Real World

Talbott, William J.

Oxford University Press Inc






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Part I. The Proof Paradigm and the Causal Revolution in Epistemology
Chapter 1. The Proof Paradigm
Chapter 2. Two Crises for the Proof Paradigm in the Enlightenment
Chapter 3. The End of the Proof Paradigm?
Chapter 4. The Causal Revolution in Epistemology

Part II. A New Way of Understanding Epistemic Rationality
Chapter 5. An Alternative to the Proof Paradigm for Ground-Level Rationality
Chapter 6. Two More Principles of Epistemic Rationality

Part III. And Epistemic Irrationality
Chapter 7. Epistemology for the Real World: Prejudices and Other Kinds of Epistemically Irrational Biased Beliefs
Chapter 8. Internally Inconsistent, Self-refuting, and Self-Undermining Views

Part IV. More on Epistemic Rationality
Chapter 9. Bayesian Accounts of Epistemic Rationality
Chapter 10. An Alternative to the Proof Paradigm for Metacognitive Rationality
Chapter 11. Necessity and Universality
Chapter 12. The Evolutionary Naturalist Challenge to the Reliability of Particular Epistemic Judgments

Part V. Clarifications, Responses to Objections, and Conclusion
Chapter 13. Clarifications and Objections

Appendix A
Appendix B
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