Kant and the Divine

Kant and the Divine

From Contemplation to the Moral Law

Oxford University Press






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Introduction 1: Divine Ideas 2: Contemplating Creation 3: From Freedom to Freedom 4: Searching for the Unconditioned 5: God and the Good 6: The Proper Self 7: Objections: Coherence or Plausibility 8: Contradicting Morality: The Four Examples 9: Egress and Regress: The Categorical Imperative 10: The Identity of Freedom and Morality 11: The Moral World 12: Kant's Consistency: Motivations, Conditions, Constituent Parts, and Consequences 13: Freedom as Guarantor of the Possibility of the Highest Good 14: Does Kant Need Grace? 15: Does Kant Permit Grace? 16: God as an All-knowing Distributor of Happiness 17: The Glorious Community 18: The Two Highest Goods: God and the Kingdom of Ends
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