Islands and Snakes

Islands and Snakes

Diversity and Conservation

Martins, Marcio; Lillywhite, Harvey B.

Oxford University Press Inc






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List of Contributors

1. Snakes of a Continental Island: History and Patterns of Discovery of the Snake Fauna of Borneo to the Start of the Anthropocene - Indraneil Das

2. Serpents of Paradise: Biogeography of the Snake Fauna on New Guinean Islands - Mark O'Shea and Simon Maddock

3. Reproductive Strategies of the Golden Lancehead, Bothrops Insularis, From Queimada Grande Island: Constraints and Challenges - Karina N. Kasperoviczus, Henrique B. Braz, Ligia G. S. Amorim, and Selma M. Almeida-Santos

4. Lanceheads in Land-Bridge Islands of Brazil: Repeated and Parallel Evolution of Dwarf Pitvipers - Ricardo J. Sawaya, Fausto E. Barbo, Felipe G. Grazziotin, Otavio A. V. Marques, and Marcio Martins

5. Two Islands, Two Origins: The Snakes of Trinidad and Tobago - John C. Murphy, John C. Weber, Michael J. Jowers, and Robert C. Jadin

6. Giant Snakes and Tiny Seabirds on a Small Japanese Island - Masami Hasegawa and Akira Mori

7. Distribution Patterns of Snakes and Conservation Importance of Islands in the Andaman and Nicobar Archipelago, Bay of Bengal, India - S. R. Chandramouli

8. Diversity, Endemism, and Biogeography of Island Snakes of the Gulf of California, Mexico - Gustavo Arnaud, Ricardo J. Sawaya, and Marcio Martins

9. Natural History and Conservation of the Galapagos Snake Radiation - Diego F. Cisneros-Heredia and Carolina Reyes-Puig

10. Paradise Lost: Collapse of the Unique Cottonmouth Population on Seahorse Key - Mark Robert Sandfoss

11. Marooned Snakes: Ecology of Freshwater Natrix Maura Isolated on the Atlantic Islands of Galicia (Spain) - Pedro Galan and Francois Brischoux

12. Golem Grad: From a Ghost Island to a Snake Sanctuary - Xavier Bonnet, Dragon Arsovski, Ana Golubovi'c, and Ljiljana Tomovi'c

13. Welcome to Paradise: Snake Invasions on Islands - Natalie M. Claunch, Keara L. Clancy, Madison E. A. Harman, Kodiak C. Hengstebeck, Diego Juarez-Sanchez, Daniel Haro, Arik Hartmann, Mariaguadalupe Vilchez, Rebecca K. McKee, Amber Sutton, and Christina M. Romagosa

14. Gartersnakes of the Beaver Archipelago: A Story of Plasticity and Adaptation - Gordon M. Burghardt, Mark A. Krause, John S. Placyk Jr., and James C. Gillingham

15. Prospects and Overview for Conservation of Snakes on Islands - Harvey B. Lillywhite and Marcio Martins
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