Invertebrate Pathology

Invertebrate Pathology

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Preface PART I: HOST DEFENCES AND APPROACHES TO DISEASE DETECTION 1: Christopher J. Coates, Andrew F. Rowley, L. Courtenay Smith and Miranda M. Whitten: Host Defences of Invertebrates to Pathogens and Parasites 2: Christopher J. Coates: Host Defences of Invertebrates to Non-Communicable Diseases 3: David Bass, Andrew F. Rowley, Christopher J. Coates: Diagnostic Approaches in Invertebrate Pathology PART II: THE DISEASES SECTION A: Diseases of Acoelomate and Coelomate Protostomes 4: David G. Bourne, Hillary A. Smith and Cathie A. Page: Diseases of Scleractinian Corals 5: Heidi M. Luter and Nicole S. Webster: Diseases of Sponges 6: Matt Longshaw and Andy Shinn: Diseases of Platyhelminths, Acanthocephalans and Nematodes 7: Jacqueline L. Stroud: Diseases of Annelids 8: Sharon A. Lynch, Andrew F. Rowley, Matt Longshaw, Shelagh K. Malham and Sarah C. Culloty: Diseases of Molluscs SECTION B: Diseases of Arthropods 9: Christopher J. Coates: Diseases of Chelicerates 10: Vera I.D. Ros, Delphine Panziera, Remziye Nalcacioglu, Jirka Manuel Petersen, Eugene Ryabov and Monique M. van Oers: Viral Diseases of Insects 11: Heba Abdelgaffar, Trevor Jackson and Juan Luis Jurat-Fuentes: Bacterial Diseases of Insects 12: Almudena Ortiz-Urquiza: Fungal and Oomycete Diseases of Insects 13: Miranda M. Whitten: Parasitic Diseases of Insects 14: Arun K. Dhar, Roberto Cruz-Flores and Kelly S. Bateman: Viral Diseases of Crustaceans 15: Andrew F. Rowley: Bacterial Diseases of Crustaceans 16: Andrew F. Rowley, Jenny Makkonen and Jeffrey D. Shields: Fungal and Oomycete Diseases of Crustaceans 17: Jeffrey D. Shields: Parasitic Diseases of Crustaceans SECTION C: Diseases of Deuterostomes 18: L. Courtney Smith, S. Anne Boettger, Maria Byrne, Andreas Heyland, Diana L. Lipscomb, Audrey J. Majeske, Jonathan P. Rast, Nicholas W. Schuh, Linsheng Song, Ghada Tafesh-Edwards, Lingling Wang, Zhuang Xue, Zichao Yu: Echinoderm Diseases and Pathologies 19: L. Courtney Smith, Maria Byrne, Keryn B. Gedan, Diana L. Lipscomb, Audrey J. Majeske and Ghada Tafesh-Edwards: Ecological Outcomes of Echinoderm Disease, Mass Die-offs, and Pandemics 20: Andrew F. Rowley and Shin-Ichi Kitamura: Diseases of Tunicates and Cephalochordates
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