International Human Rights Law

International Human Rights Law

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Part I: Foundations 1: Ed Bates: History 2: Samantha Besson: Justifications 3: Marie-Benedicte Dembour: Critiques Part II: International Law 4: Christine Chinkin: Sources 5: Frederic Megret: Special character 6: Sarah Joseph and Barrie Sander: Scope of application 7: Katharine Young: Rights and obligations Part III: Substantive Rights 8: Daniel Moeckli: Equality and non-discrimination 9: Carla Ferstman: Integrity of the person 10: Asbjorn Eide and Wenche Barth Eide: Adequate standard of living 11: Dominic McGoldrick: Thought, expression, association, and assembly 12: Fons Coomans: Education and work 13: Sangeeta Shah: Detention and trial 14: Julie Ringelheim: Cultural Rights 15: Michael O'Flaherty: Sexual orientation and gender identity 16: Dianne Otto: Women's rights 17: Aoife Nolan: Children's rights 18: Robert McCorquodale: Group rights Part IV: Protection 19: Jane Connors and Sangeeta Shah: United Nations 20: Basak Cali: Regional protection 21: Thomas Antkowiak: The Americas 22: Steven Greer and Lewis Graham: Europe 23: Magnus Killander: Africa 24: Andrew Byrnes and Catherine Renshaw: Within the state Part V: Linkages 25: Sandesh Sivakumaran: International humanitarian law 26: Robert Cryer: International criminal law 27: Alice Edwards: International refugee law Part IV: Challenges 28: Andrew Clapham: Non-state actors 29: Martin Scheinin: Terrorism 30: Stephen Marks: Poverty 31: Lavanya Rajamani: Climate change 32: Meghna Abraham: Pandemics
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