International Arbitration: Law and Practice in Brazil

International Arbitration: Law and Practice in Brazil

Oxford University Press






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1: The Rise of Arbitration in Brazil 2: Comments of the Brazilian Arbitration Law 3: Consolidation of Arbitration by the Brazilian Courts: STF and STJ 4: Settlement Agreements and the Role of the Arbitral Tribunal 5: Characteristics of Brazilian Arbitration Practice 6: Conservatory and Interim Measures 7: Non-signatories 8: The Brazilian Arbitration Institutions 9: International versus National Awards 10: Arbitration in the Portuguese-speaking World 11: Project Finance, PPP, and Concession Agreements 12: Evidence Production and the Role of the Arbitrators 13: Agreements between Shareholders and General Corporate Matters 14: Stock Corporation Arbitration 15: Post M&A Arbitration 16: Commercial Contracts 17: Construction Contracts between Private Parties 18: Construction Contracts Involving the Public Administration 19: Insolvency and Arbitration 20: Labour Law Arbitration 21: Oil and Gas Arbitration 22: Electric Energy Arbitration
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